NaBloPoMo Day 25: Thanksgiving

NaBloPoMo Day 25: Thanksgiving

This year, I am thankful:

  • For my family, and our love for one another.
  • For friends who are always there for me and my family, whether it’s to just grab a beer and relax, to take our kids out to do fun things, to explore the city together, or even sit around the table and share a meal.
  • For our home, our food, the heat and water and all the other comforts in our house. These little things bring comfort and security to everyday life, and are so often looked over.  We are lucky to have them.
  • That I have a job that I enjoy, that keeps me constantly learning new things and challenging myself, and which provides for my family.
  • That we are secure enough in the necessities of life that we can help others out. I’ve been doing 412 Food Rescue deliveries when I can.  This week I transported a donation of milk, and it made me so sad that there are families in Pittsburgh who aren’t able to afford milk on their own. I was thankful to be able to be a part of helping them out.


  • For Black Friday sales— I’ve never been one for the mayhem of Black Friday shopping, but the last few years I’ve gone out and taken advantage of the doorbuster sales to get toys for the Allegheny County Bar Association Young Lawyer’s Division holiday parties for kids in local shelters. The better the deals, the more toys I can get for more kids, and I’ve had a lot of fun with it.  This year, I’m taking Baby Beez with me to do the shopping, and I’m looking forward to teaching her about helping others.
  • To be a in a community where people care about each other and do want to help out.  I’ve seen a lot of posts on Facebook lately asking for people to help whether it’s donations for a holiday meal, or to provide clothes or toys for kids who don’t have anything. It breaks my heart seeing that those needs are there, but it is wonderful to see how Pittsburghers step it up.
  • For everyone who reads this blog.  It’s a fun and silly thing, but I have fun with it. As I’ve worked on it through the years, it has been fun to see it grow, and I love it every time someone tells me they read it and like it.  Thank you to everyone who is reading.

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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