NaBloPoMo Day 12: A Highly Scientific Taste Test of @LeonasLLC @FFCreameries & Millie’s

NaBloPoMo Day 12: A Highly Scientific Taste Test of @LeonasLLC @FFCreameries & Millie’s

I checked the cooler on my way to the grocery store checkout tonight and finally found myself Leona’s Pumpkin Caramel Shortbread ice cream sandwich! I’ve been dreaming of it since they posted its gorgeous picture online, and since they finally had the flavor in stock, it was a sign that it was time to go for the local ice cream taste test I’ve been contemplated.  I wrangled Mr. Beez in to helping me, because ice cream happy loves company. He objected to me taking his picture, but was otherwise game.

I started with the Millie’s Homemade Vietnamese Coffee ice cream. The coffee flavor was surprisingly mild (I usually go for very strong coffee flavor) but nonetheless delicious. It was mild enough that I think you could trick those sad, misguided folks who claim to not like coffee into trying it and loving it. Well, maybe it’s better to have them keep thinking they don’t like coffee, that way you don’t have to share with them.


Next up, we tasted Family Farm Creameries‘ Landlocked Vanilla Ice Cream, featuring Wigle Whiskey’s Landlocked Spice whiskey. The ice cream is very smooth and creamy, and the vanilla flavor is distinct but not pungent.  Mr. Beez described it as “like a french vanilla” and liked the smooth texture.  I think it would be absolutely perfect in a root beer float.  They definitely have the best packaging, once the ice cream is done I’m sure Baby Beez is going to steal it to fill up with coins, beads, rocks and whatever other little things she squirrels away.

Family Farms Creamery

Last but not least, we shared the Leona’s Apple Cinnamon Ice Cream on Oatmeal Lace Cookie. He loved how the sandwich is substantial and did not squish between your fingers, and that it tasted like apple pie a la mode in every single bite.  I pointed out to him that the ice cream is lactose free, and he was surprised, because you wouldn’t expect it from the rich taste.  I love the chewiness of the cookie, it’s a nice contrast to the creamy ice cream.


For those not so familiar with handmade ice cream, all three of these melt pretty quickly. That is because they don’t have temperature stabilizers or other marvels of science that transform food to our expectations, rather than what the food really is.  Not a problem for me though, ice cream can hardly last a moment in my presence.

Mr. Beez had to go poop the party by pointing out that we weren’t exactly doing an apples-to-apples comparison. He did not understand the point of ice cream science. THE POINT OF ICE CREAM SCIENCE IS TO EAT LOTS OF ICE CREAM.  Of the three, we did not really have a specific favorite. We loved all three of them and, given a choice at the co-op, we would be most inclined to buy whichever one had the most-appetizing flavor in stock at the moment.  You have to be flexible with them, of course, because due to their small operations and seasonal ingredients, the flavors change constantly.

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