My (Triumphant?) Return

My (Triumphant?) Return

Sorry it’s been radio silence around here for the last week, I’ve been for-real on vacation! This year we went on a full on multi-generational family vacation, and had a truly lovely time.  I wish I could say that I fully “got away” and returned feeling completely refreshed…on the contrary, on the drive home from the airport, the dread in my belly progressively grew, because the next two weeks at work are going to be Not Good. Particularly because I’m going on another international trip in two weeks, so not only am I in a rush to catch up from last week, there are several big deadlines in the next two weeks, plus I need to prepare for going away again.  And I’ve got an arbitration hearing tomorrow morning. But that’s some whining for another day.

I had sporadic internet access on our cruise vacation, but the internet was as slow as it was expensive, so I held off on my blogging until my return home.  Mr. Beez and I like to alternate between “exploration” vacations, where we visit a new location and really do our homework to learn as much as we can about it (see: last year’s trip to Vancouver), and “relaxation” vacations, where we opt for a prepackaged trip where the focus is on enjoying the sunshine.  Our cruise went through the Western Caribbean, where we visited beach after beach after beach. It was sunny and lovely.

cruisingHighlights of the vacation included:

  • Family time, but not too much family time.
  • Cold drinks on sunny beaches.
  • A yoga class on the beach (now I REALLY want to go to a beachside yoga retreat).
  • Champagne. Just because.
  • Keeping up with my running.
  • Lots of naps and early bedtimes. Crashing at 9pm nightly is heaven to me.turtlefarm
  • Making new animal friends.
  • Snorkeling amongst fishes and turtles that was blissfully not interrupted by seasickness.
  • Making it through 3/4 of my summer reading list in one week.

    • Watching as Baby Beez’ vocabulary (and comprehension) blossomed in just one week of new sights and experiences.
    • Smiling as Baby Beez charmed the other passengers and workers on the cruise ship.
    • Despite the ever-growing list of “to do’s,” returning home with the satisfied feeling that we all had a lovely time together.



This vacation left me with ideas for a whole bunch of posts:  Thoughts on vacationing with family (and how to not strangle them), vacationing with a small loud child, thoughts on creating a small clearance in the chaos of work so that you’re actually able to leave town (forget leaving all work behind, that won’t happen, but if you’re lucky you can work it out to manage the chaos remotely), and thoughts on cruising as a vacation option.

Oh, and Baby Beez has gone from just pretending that she is a dragon all the time to actually referring to herself as “the Dragon” (yes. In the 3rd person).  I don’t even know where to start with that one.

Here’s to hoping you get some time in the sunshine with your loved ones this summer!

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