Music for a Drive

For many parents, having a little one means listening to kids music in the car.  I’m a selfish jerk, and so in MY vehicle, I’ve implemented a firm “If I don’t like it, we’re not listening to it” rule.  At first, this was no problem at all.  However, Baby Beez has recently begun developing preferences, so there has been some negotiation involved.  We still only listen to things I like, but I let her choose between the various CD’s or radio stations I like.  Something is wrong with my child, because she hates Phil Collins, and screamed at the top of her lungs at the very suggestion of “Easy Lover.”   She has, however, shown her true Pittsburgh roots.  She dances and claps every time Bon Jovi or Journey come on. 

These are some CD’s we both enjoy, and are in heavy rotation in my car:

I wish I could say I am super cool, and have been into David Bowie for decades, but that would be a big fat lie.  The Life Aquatic was my real first exposure to Bowie, whom I now LOVE.  This soundtrack is mellow and cheerful, and features Brazilizan musician Seu Jorge’s charming covers of a few Bowie classics.


Really, how can anyone not love the original Weezer album?


I totally forgot I even had this CD, until I discovered it in pile of junk in my glove box.  I put it in the player and was like “HOW HAVE I LIVED WITHOUT LISTENING TO THIS FOR SO LONG?!”  True Blue is by far Madonna’s best, and I’m probably going to break the CD sooner or later, because I just leave it in the player and listen to it over and over and over.

What are your favorite driving tunes?

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