Happy Mother’s Day, My Lovelies!

Happy Mother’s Day, My Lovelies!

Happy Mom’s Day, yinz!

Good day, my lovelies! It’s Mother’s Day, so I hope you’re having a nice time brunching with the influential females in your life, and maybe there’s a spa treatment or just some togetherness time planned in your schedule for the day.

The day I became a Mom, September 2010

The day I became a Mom, September 2010

We are having a fantastic Mother’s Day around these parts. The Beez Grandparents asked for an overnight with Baby Beez last night and we obliged. Mr. Beez and I actually did not tear up the town this time—we had plans for roller skating with friends (more about that later, but it was fantastic), had errands to run, got a quick bite out, and mostly just hung around the house for the evening. Today will bring a grown-up breakfast date, and then hanging out with the Beez Grandparents. It’s hard to wrangle our very active 2 year old in a restaurant, so instead we’ll be preparing surf & turf at home for a Mom’s Day meal.

Our first Mom's Day, 2011

Our first Mom’s Day, 2011

Life is never ideal, but it’s fairly close today. I brainstormed what my “ideal” Mothers’ Day would look like, and I think it would look like this:

-Wake Up, whenever I darn well feel like it, and not get woken up by a small person or impatient birds.

-Go out for breakfast someplace hearty and tasty with a heavy pour on the champagne.

-Something relaxing. Maybe a walk in the park or a mani-pedi or something. I’d love to go for mani-pedi’s with Baby Beez but she can’t even sit still for nail polish I’ve applied to dry, so we’ll have to wait a bit for that outing.


Big girl getting bigger, Mom's Day 2012

Big girl getting bigger, Mom’s Day 2012

-An afternoon of movies: Mommy Dearest. Running With Scissors. Precious. Resulting in me feeling like the best mom in the universe. Oh yeah, I am awesome.

-Pizza until I explode. Maybe it’s because WW is restrictive on the carbs (so pizza levels a heavy punch in the points tracker) but from time to time I have this crazy craving to gorge myself on veggie pizza. And I’m not talking about pizza with tiny chopped up bell peppers, I’m talking about a pizza HEAPED TALL with onions, broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, just tons and tons of veggies. And I would eat slice after slice. If you have suggestions for where I can find this dream pizza, please do share. Ok maybe I just want pizza right now. But you really can’t go wrong with pizza.

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