MOAR FUN: The Pgh International Children’s Festival & Dave and Andy’s

MOAR FUN: The Pgh International Children’s Festival & Dave and Andy’s

Yet another post of the Girls Weekend for me & Baby Beez that would just NOT STOP! (I promise, after this post, there is only one more post about that weekend’s events. What can I say, we were living it UP!)

For our next event in our weekend of events, Baby Beez and I visited the Pittsburgh International Children’s Festival.  We started off with a visit with our adorable pal Judah and his awesome parents.  He is adorable and has the most squeezable cheeks, and it was great to see even the smallest little kids out and enjoying all the fun things going on in the ‘burgh this weekend.

Next up on our itinerary was a visit to the petting zoo.  I love animals, especially farm animals, and get very excited every year to visit all the sheep and goats and pigs at the Big Butler Fair.  I was thrilled to have a little visit with my goatie pals on this afternoon.




Next we checked out the drumming performance, and Baby Beez showed off her moves.

We then met up with our friends Liz and Baby Claire and ventured to the theater to see Egg & Spoon: You and your chickadees will be taken from summer to winter to spring in this again in this multisensory, highly interactive celebration of nature. The youngest theater-goers will be delighted with peek-a-boo puddles, fluffy snowflakes, blowing leaves, bursting cherry blossoms, a birdie egg that just might hatch and other splendiferous surprises. Don’t miss the magic of zipping through a magical year of seasons in just 40 minutes.

Our girls loved it, and we grown ups did too.  In a world where so much children’s entertainment relies on being fast and flashy and zooming from one concept to the next, this performance was a refreshing departure to a more mellow tone.  There were soft songs and a general quiet feeling.  The children were all engaged and enjoyed the show.  It was a truly lovely theater experience.

After the show, we went back out to the festival for some hooping!



By that time, it was clear that Baby Beez was exhausted.  She does not show exhaustion by slumping over or being lethargic.  She shows exhaustion by running around maniacally while refusing to listen or stay close to me.  When she zoomed off across the plaza with no intention of turning back, it was time for me to chase her down, scoop her up, and head out.

She did calm down enough in the care for one more small outing.  Pitt is out for the summer, so you know what that means? IT IS SAFE TO GO BACK TO OAKLAND!  I hate going to Oakland while school is in session, entirely because of the traffic and parking.  With all the things happening in Oakland on Saturday, I didn’t now what the parking situation would be like on Atwood Street, but I promised myself that if I could easily find close parking, we’d make a stop at Dave & Andy’s.


Dave & Andy’s has the best ice cream in Pittsburgh. Possibly the world.  If you disagree, you are wrong. Sorry. It’s just the truth.  Their Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is something truly exceptional.  Unlike store brands, they do NOT skimp on the cookie dough.  This sweet, creamy ice cream is full of thick stripes of buttery cookie dough. It’s amazing.  And the waffle cones! Oh the waffle cones! I don’t even like waffle cones, but these, these are truly special!  And the little M&M at the bottom of each one is the perfect touch.


So clearly, parking was not a problem for me on Saturday. I got a spot  right outside Dave & Andy’s, and we got our sweet treats.  Baby Beez took a few bites of her birthday cake ice cream, and declared she didn’t want hers, she wanted MINE.  Well then. I believe I’m a generous parent, but I wasn’t giving up my Dave & Andy’s for her.  I let her have a couple bites, but when she asked to hold the cone, it was oh HECK no.  Unlike almost every other instance in her little life, she did not throw a fit about my refusal to cave to her demands.  After giving her a couple bites, I told her she was cut off, and she was surprisingly cool with that.  That kid really didn’t know what she was missing.

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