Mixing it Up

Mixing it Up

First off, Baby Beez has been up off and on throughout the night with the stomach flu. This is our first stomach flu with her, and she’s understandably miserable. She also does not understand why I won’t let her drink her usual morning sippy full of milk. I’m letting her have small sips, but I’m not about to let her chug and later clean up 10 ounces of barfed up milk. Poor beeb.

From my incessant chatter on other social media streams, you may have already seen my excitement that WE ARE MOVING! We were planning to upgrade in the next year or so anyway. On Sunday, I nudged Mr. Beez to go peruse some open houses. We found a house that is absolutely perfect for us in Mt Washington, and with the market the way it is, decided we must speak now or forever hold our peace. So we spoke now, and will be moving this summer!

I will miss living in Greenfield. I love the neighborhood, I love how close it is to absolutely everything I like and am familiar with. I had a brief moment of panic yesterday about moving away from Greenfield. I have turned into a real Pittsburgher, since going across a river feels like such a big deal.  Mount Washington is very close, especially close to my work. I’m just not so familiar with all it has to offer yet. I’m excited to get to know this new (to me) part of town!

This brings the chaos of getting our current house on the market as soon as humanly possible. Also, I start a trial in a couple weeks. So it’s chaos at work and chaos at home, but I guess I thrive on chaos. I did, after all, have the “brilliant” idea to buy and re-wire our current house all while I was studying for the bar exam. So yeah, we’ll get through this!

Forgive me if I’m a little preoccupied over the next few weeks. I do have some restaurant reviews in the hopper as well as an interview with the fabulous RedPenMama. We’ve got some travel planned over the summer already, but otherwise the focus is gonna be on getting settled in the new place, and getting our old place sold. Here’s to new beginnings!

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