Mem’ries of Snowfall

I called off our plans of Baby Beez’ swim class in favor of Chutes & Ladders, mac & cheese and red wine (for me, not her). Despite nearly 15 years in Pennsylvania, I still haven’t adjusted to real winter. I do whatever I can to stay indoors when the bad weather hits. And every bad snowstorm feels like I’ve never been in a snowstorm before.

I’ve been in Pennsylvania for two big snowfalls. For the first one, I was in my senior year at Pitt. The snow just dumped down. Pitt does not like cancelling classes for anything. Snow? Hail? Sleet? Forget it, you whippersnappers can trudge your way out of the towers into DLH. But in this one snowfall, they cancelled classes. Finally. And pretty much everyone trudged it out of the towers to sled on down Flagstaff Hill.

For the second big snow, I was in the middle of a trial. The first big case that I worked from the ground up as a young associate, fully educated the partner before trial, and then tried as second chair. We partially prevailed for the client. Even though it was not a full victory, I was still so proud, because I prepared so thoroughly. I learned so much. I was proud.

Court let out early a couple days, and even took a day off during that trial. The snow was just dumping down.

Mr Beez in the blizzard of 2010

I spent the entire time snoozing on the couch as Mr. Beez shoveled and shoveled and shoveled. I refused to lift a finger to help with the snow. Possibly rightfully, because I was 10 weeks pregnant, and exhausted. I didn’t even mind the trial delay, I was so tired. And the funny thing, on the next to last day of trial, opposing counsel asked if we could recess case early, because he felt soooo sick. And all I could think was, “SERIOUSLY?” Because I had just done 3 days of trial, 10 weeks pregnant, exhausted to the bone, ready to barf at any moment, and he was the one crying sick.

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