Love With Food and a Giveaway!

First off, I’m going to review a product here. I got that product for free. It’s a pet peeve of mine when I read paragraph after paragraph about how someone loves a product then way at the end there’s a little disclaimer. So here’s my disclaimer upfront. Also, I don’t often do reviews of products I receive for free because (1) I don’t receive many for free, and (2) I don’t want my tax guy to kill me, when I give him a long list of “in kind” things received at the end of the year (income is income from whatever source derived folks! I remembered THAT on the bar!)

So here’s the review. Love With Food was a vendor I bumped into at the Expo at BlogHer. I obviously love food, so unlike say the cleaning products vendors, I actually had an interest in what Love With Food was hawking. Love With Food sends out packages containing a variety of sample-sized new foods to try, and for every box they sell, they also donate a meal to a kid in need (I’m not 100% on the logistics of this, but it appears that it’s accomplished through a donation to Feeding America and/or share our Strength).

I received the August box:



It contained cookies, peanuts, dried fruit, gum and candies, and pretzels with some DARN GOOD key lime mustard (boy do I love mustard). The food was all pretty good, nothing earthshaking, with the noted exception of the key lime mustard which I really did heartily enjoy.  And boy were the peanuts well appreciated yesterday when I chowed down on them, driving to a hearing that was scheduled during lunchtime.

The real hook for me on these packages is that they are only $12 a month ($10 package, plus $2 shipping). While I may not go out of my way to seek out the specific products featured in the box, this would definitely be a great and cost-effective way to send care packages to your favorite college student or military servicemember. Have you seen how much care packages usually cost? HECKUVA lot more than $12. So if you have someone who could use a pick-me-up snack, I would keep Love With Food in mind.

SO HERE IS THE GIVEAWAY, FOLKS– Love With Food is giving one of my readers the September box! Here’s the deal– What is your FAVORITE THING ON THE INTERNET? (Please keep it PG-13 rated) I’m thinking memes, GIFs, websites, comics, etc.  Put your entry in the comments below!

Now the winner is going to be totally subjectively selected by the BEST entry, and I’m not going to be the judge– MR. BEEZ is the judge! And that is because he has already seen the whole internet, so he’s in a good place to make this judgment. And here’s a tip: Don’t pick facebook, twitter or pinterest as your answer. He hates all of those. This contest will close at 5pm EST on Friday, August 24, 2012.

Even though I’m disqualified from entry, I’ll get us started with MY favorite thing on the internet:

Even if you’re not the winner, I’ve got a consolation prize for you: A $2 discount on a subscription (this is $2 off the first month, not $2 off every month), with discount code BKVIP, just enter it at the subscription page.

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