Little by little

Little by little

My first “long run” after I decided to do the EQT 10 Miler was a mere 3 miles.  I struggled every step of it.  By the end I was gasping and exhausted.  My legs and back hurt for days afterward.  My body wasn’t used to exertion, and who would have thought a half hour of exercise could hurt so bad.  Today, about 2 months later, I went out for a 5 mile run and felt good afterward. Even energized.  I’ve gotten over that awful hump of pain and exhaustion when you first start exercising.  Not every day is perfect, but a lot of days I can focus on challenging myself instead of just surviving.

Running has been helping with losing weight (still slow, but there’s at least some movement), and as I lose weight I’m motivated to do more running.  When I run now, with the extra weight I’m carrying, it’s like I’m running with a massive heavy backpack full of textbooks on me.  I am excited to keep running to shed that weight and make the impact easier on my bodies and especially my knees.

After a years worth of teeny, tiny changes, I see how Weight Watchers has helped me change my life toward the healthier.  I still snack plenty, but my first thought when I’m hungry is “apple” or “celery” or “grapes”…not “granola bar! granola bar! granola bar!”  For the first time in my life, I bought a pint of ice cream, and actually ate a half cup serving.  And I didn’t spend the rest of the night ruminating on the ice cream. I was actually satisfied with just that half cup.  I have literally never done that before.  Take out meals are lasting 2 or 3 meals, instead of me just scarfing them down in one sitting. All of this is astounding to me because with all these changes, I’m not feeling pained and deprived…instead these are the choices I’m making of my own free will. I’m both proud and surprised that I’ve been making better choices and been happy about those better choices.

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