I had my fantasy football draft today.  I’m playing in a league at work, and I’m the only woman in the league.

I’m satisfied with my picks.  One of the guys signed up for some online fantasy team evaluator thing and ran all the teams through.  My team is pretty well in the middle of the pack, and that’s not bad for the beginning of the season.  I always feel like the person who starts out with the stellar team is bound to hit some injuries and suspensions and tumble.

So here’s who I’ve got (full team, not just lineup):

Philip Rivers (QB)

Ryan Fitzpatrick (QB)

Brandon Marshall (WR)

Braylon Edwards (WR)

Johnny Knox (WR)

Earl Bennett (WR)

Maurice Jones-Drew (RB)

Fred Jackson (RB)

Joseph Addai (RB)

Pierre Thomas (RB)

DeMarco Murray (RB)

Vernon Davis (TE)

Zach Miller (TE)

Sebastian Janikowski (K)

Green Bay Packers (DEF)

I feel kind of like a traitor because I didn’t pick any Steelers, and I picked the Green Bay defense (booooo!)

Just as I do almost every year, I named my team Sparkle Motion.

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