Legume: Take 2

Legume: Take 2

On the week that we went to Butterjoint and the NIN concert, we had dinner plans with our friends and their daughter. The plan was to go to the Butterjoint for their amazing burgers.  Tragically, the place was pretty full, and there was not a place to sit with our toddler and their infant.  Since it was a Monday, the fine dining crowd was not too crazy, and we were able to pick up a table at Legume instead.

This is my second visit to Legume, and again I found that the food was delicious, the service attentive, and all around it is a gem of a fine dining establishment.  The menu varies with the season, and on both occasions that I visited it was early autumn, so the selections were fairly similar. I loved the lamb chop I had last time, and lamb was on the menu again, but I wanted to try something a little different.  I opted for the skillet chicken.  It was generously portioned and tasty, although I must say that it was fairly typical for a well-prepared chicken dish.  If you value predictability, this is a wise choice.  I prefer surprises, and this is not a dish of surprises.


I had started the meal with the kimchi-beef soup, and that was simply delightful.  You tasted the kimchi, but the soup did not overpower you with its spiciness or pungency.  It was worked in as a gentle complement to the beef.  I really enjoyed this soup, and would not hesitate to return just for a bowl of it.

The true star of the meal (well, apart from the sublime cocktails) was the dessert. Mr. Beez and I split the apple pie ice cream. We’re talking delicious vanilla ice cream with big chunks of apple pie mixed right on in. I love chunky ice cream. You can keep your chocolate shavings and raspberry swirls, I want ice cream I have to chew. And the huge hunks of sweet apple pie smushed in with the ice cream with the buttery caramel drizzle was just perfect.

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