Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

Lawerence of Arabia is a long movie (nearly 4 hours) and just wasn’t my kind of film.  I did watch the whole thing, even though I had to split it up over 4 or 5 sittings.

Lawrence of Arabia is based on the real-life Englishman T.E. Lawrence who worked during WWI to get Arab tribes to work together and topple Turkish control.  Lawrence also happens to go slightly bonkers in the process.

I’m not interested in war movies, I’m only interested in biopics if the subject is someone I’m interested in (i.e. not T.E. Lawrence), and movies dripping with colonialism make me feel icky.  It was hard for me to stay interested in this film.  If you are interested in war movies as a genre, I could possibly understand loving this film…but that’s not me, so this is a very short review. The End.

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