Last Day in Prague: And the Good Lord Invented Beer.

Last Day in Prague: And the Good Lord Invented Beer.

Seriously, I don’t understand how the Czechs are so tiny skinny.  You know what I’ve done during this trip: Ate ice cream. Ate pork. Ate potatoes. Drank beer.  Ate more pork and potatoes. Drank Sekt (champagne).  I walked around a lot, but it takes a LOT of walking to burn off pork & potatoes.  Our hotel doesn’t have a gym (few European hotels do) and forget running on Pragues narrow, cobblestoned pedestrian-hell streets.  So, no I am not looking forward to my next Weight Watchers weigh in.  But after a week of potatoes and pig, a juice cleanse is starting to actually sound appealing (actually just GREEN things are sounding appealing)…so maybe there’s a little spark of hope.


I can’t say I’m a beer connoisseur, but I’m also not a total noob when it comes to these fine malted beverages.  The Brewery Tour we selected was just the right level of engagement for us old ladies.  We certainly are in no shape for an all-nighter pub crawl, but we wanted to try out the delicious beers that the Czechs are so famous for, and learning a little never hurts (because we are dorks).

This afternoon we were the only two who signed up, so it was just us and our guide, Tom.  Tom is from England and is a homebrewing hobbyist, so he knew plenty about the brewing process.  He gave a thoughtful overview, answered our questions well and was also good at guiding us through the qualities and flavors of the individual beers.  The nice thing about this tour was that he didn’t just take us to a bar and give us different beers.  We specifically went to microbreweries that do not distribute their beers, so the beers we were tasting were completely unique to those microbreweries and could not be bought anywhere else.  Not only was the beer unique, it was super fresh, not having to go through various methods of preservation for shipment.

beer tasting

The biggest surprise of the day were the flavored beers at the first microbrewery we went to (the name was in Czech so it was something like U KZSKYUKZSKYCZ).  The nettle beer (green, in the back) was as awful as it sounds.  But there was a banana-wheat bear that was very light and lovely.  I do not usually like banana flavored things  because they usually taste like nasty banana flavored Runts candy, but this beer was very nice.


Even my mom, who is not much of a beer drinker, enjoyed the tour and found she actually has a taste for dark beer.  After the tour, we finished our day in true Czech fashion: eating lots of potatoes.

Completely unrelated but totally necessary public service announcement: Go read Brilliance by Marcus Sarkey.  I read that whole thing start-to-finished in the last 24 hours and could NOT put it down.  It’s a lot like X-men, The Hunger Games, Divergent, that sort of people with special skills and the world is at war and dystopian future kind of stuff. It’s great.  Bonus– if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can borrow it for free through the Kindle Lending Library. Do it.

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