Kretchmar’s Bakery.

I had to go to court in Beaver County yesterday morning.  I got there a little early, and had time to check out Kretchmar’s Bakery.

Kretchmar’s Bakery is a quaint family-owned shop, on the main shopping road (and right next to the courthouse) in Beaver, PA.  Beaver itself is straight out of a 1950’s tv show, it’s anachronistically quaint, all the way down to the FREE courthouse parking garage, and parking meters at the rate of $0.25 per HOUR. WHUT?!

Halloween cookies at Kretchmar’s!

I learned of Kretchmar’s when I was pregnant with Baby Beez.  I’ve never been terribly interested in donuts.  I didn’t actively dislike them, but if you gave me a choice between a bagel and donut, 10 times out of 10 I’d take the bagel.  During pregnancy, all that changed.  I WANTED DONUTS. For a brief period I considered naming Baby Beez “Dunkin,” if only for the possibility that I might get some free donuts out of it.  As part of that donut hysteria, I researched as many possible donut places in the Pittsburgh area that I could possibly find.  Kretchmar’s came up in my research, but I didn’t get around to making the 40 minute drive Northward for the pastries.  (Note: I also need to make the hike to try out Oram’s Donuts, and especially their cinnamon donut). Now that Baby Beez is over a year old, I’m back to my old “donuts are OK but not earthshaking” self.


I picked up a box of donuts to share with friends (above), and a box of donuts to share with Mr. Beez (below).  Mr. Beez and I have already done serious damage to our box of donuts.  We split the delicious red velvet donut.  The donut itself was perfect cake donut consistency, and the cream cheese frosting was delicious and sweet (although too sweet for Mr. Beez).  I had a bite of the glazed donut, which was a good density–neither too light, nor too bready.  Mr. Beez chowed down on the sprinkle donut and said it was “tasty.”  Mr. Beez took the cinnamon roll donut with him to work this morning, and I had the pumpkin donut (with a BIG cup of coffee) for my breakfast. YUM. 

I’ve been told that Kretchmar’s burnt almond torte is famous, and their cookies and cupcakes looked excellent as well.  I doubt I’d make the long drive just to get Kretchmar’s tasty baked goods, but the next time I have to visit the Beaver County Courthouse, I’ll definitely stop in for some treats.

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