Introducing @BrunchBurgh Over Bites at @CornerstonePgh

Introducing @BrunchBurgh Over Bites at @CornerstonePgh

If there are two things I can’t resist, they are good food and good conversation. When my friend Mary announced she was starting a podcast–an appropriately named “BrunchBurgh” because it focuses on brunching with people around the ‘burgh– I couldn’t wait to participate. She has been working on recording and post-production, and just launched her first episode today!! She’s still working on getting the iTunes subscription details sorted out, but you can catch the first episode on the BrunchBurgh website, here!

Mary interviewed me over delicious brunch at Cornerstone Restaurant in Aspinwall last weekend. The Steel Trap has praised Cornerstone heartily, and it was also recently featured in a Pittsburgh Magazine piece on 15 Hot Brunch Spots in Pittsburgh. Brunch with Mary was the perfect time to check this place out.

First, I need to give a shout-out to Cornerstone’s awesome staff.  Once we settled in and got cups of coffee, Mary told our server that we were recording a brunch-themed podcast (so she would understand what the heck we were all doing with the weird looking equipment).  The server was super excited about what we were doing, and immediately offered us use of the back room.  It wasn’t quite set up for guests at the moment, but it didn’t have quite as much noise as the main room, which would spare the sound engineer a headache later on.  We were happy to accept her offer, and also were pleased to discover that Cornerstone’s back room is quite large and private, absolutely perfect for a party (I’m looking at you, folks planning holiday parties or rehearsal dinners soon!!)  Our server’s enthusiasm for the project was so encouraging and made us even more happy to have selected this spot.

Breakfast Burrito at Cornerstone Restaurant

For my meal, I selected the breakfast burrito. It’s full of pulled pork, eggs, and all kinds of other good things.  I’m going to give it to you straight– Pittsburgh is in a sad state when it comes to breakfast burritos.  Whenever I find a place with a breakfast burrito on the menu, I’m all over it.  And due to this city’s drought of breakfast burritos, I’ve lowered my standards considerably.  This breakfast burrito, however, could go head to head with any SoCal breakfast burrito.  It’s not as greasy as the breakfast burritos I grew up with, and the ingredients are obviously fresher. So it’s good-good, not bad-good. And good-good is always good.  Also, very fresh pico de gallo and guac. Yessss.

They have the usual pancakes and eggs on the menu, but they also had potato pancakes, multiple kinds of benedicts, and of course bloody mary’s.  I’m an egg person and my husband is more of a pancake person.  Most restaurants only really have a handle on one or the other.  Cornerstone has a nice variety of both, and is skilled at preparing both.  In reading the menu, I was already getting excited about returning for brunch at a future date with my family in tow.

My BrunchBurgh interview hasn’t gone live yet, but I’ll be sure to shout it from the rooftops when it does.  In the meantime, go check out the inaugural episode!  And tell me, where have you had some good brunch lately?

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