Impromptu Gluttony

Chili dogs have been on my mind this week.  Today, I COULD NOT TAKE IT anymore, and I snuck back over to Station Street Hot Dogs for lunch.

It was truly delicious.  Admittedly, the chili cheese dog in my mind’s eye was more decadent and ridiculous– I imagined the hot dog being so smothered in chili and cheese curds that you’d have to use a knife and fork, and race to eat it before the bun gets soggy.  The serving of chili and cheese curds was generous, and it was all tasty, but I think I’ll ask for extra chili and cheese (“chili and cheese curds to the point of absurdity.”)

This evening, I also had to make a quick run to Shadyside.  I had Baby Beez with me, and since I’m a sucker, I bought her a toy and took her for ice cream.

We had Confetti gelato from Mercurio’s, and boy was it delicious.  The gelato was creamy and sweet, but not overly so.  It was tasty enough that Baby Beez sat still for a whopping 5 minutes to eat it! After those 5 minutes, she squirmed and hollered and squealed “DOWN! DOWN!” and wanted to run all over the place, so we packed up and hauled outta there.  Lucky for me, she looked angelic long enough for me to snap a picture!

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