I had a post, but then I eated it.

I had a post, but then I eated it.

I started writing this post, and about 2 minutes in, I got bored of it. If I’m bored writing it, I can only imagine how bored people would be reading it. So I pitched it. Here are the things I am thinking about instead:

  1. Bring on the pumpkin everything.
You can keep your Sbux #PSL. Little Debbie knows where it's at.

You can keep your Sbux #PSL. Little Debbie knows where it’s at.

2. Summer travel is over, but I’m getting excited for some upcoming short trips. I’ve got Montreal, Nemacolins Resort, Denver and Tampa all on my calendar, and that’s before year end.

3. We took Baby Beez to Sesame Place, Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World and of COURSE Kennywood all during this year. I think I am good on amusement parks for quite a while.

4. And then we watched all 8 Harry Potter movies the other week (not a true marathon, we watched themo ver the span of several days), and that made me kind of want to go back to Harry Potter land at Universal. #butterbeer

5. Baby Beez can read 2 words: dog and Pitt. In honor of her PANTHER PRIDE, I got us tix to the Homecoming football game this year. Very excited.

6. DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE NEXT WEEK YOU GUYZ. I was supposed to go with 2 friends, but neither of them can make it now. It would have been fun to go with them, but I’m fine going by myself. DCFC is one of those bands where I really don’t care who I’m with or if I’m with anyone at all, I just want to be at that show.

7. We watched the new Mad Max movie the other night and I really liked it. Now I want to go back and watch the other Mad Max movies again. While eating Mad Mex. Because when I mean to say Mad Max I end up saying Mad Mex and vice versa, so why not give into it?

8. Somewhat inspired by Mad Max: Fury Road, I was checking out the #BurningMan on Instagram. The pics are interesting, but 9798698798676% completely confirmed that I never ever would want to go. #CampingNoWay #ILikeShowers

9. Even though I hate camping, I like the idea of camping. Except not actually camping. And now I really want to spend a weekend at Firelight Camps.

10. It is time for bed.

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