How is it only Tuesday?

I swear it feels like a Friday. The last two days have been packed. I want to write an incredibly insightful blog about this really fun date Mr. Beez and I went on last weekend (short version: South Side Stories at City Theater, dinner at Kassabs, then Gravity in 3D) but I don’t have it in me at the moment. Instead here are the other things I am thinking about right now:

  • I started the day off by receiving an email from a client heaping praise on a draft I sent him. You do not often get words of praise in this business, but when you do, they feel amazing.
  • I used my credit card points to treat myself to an overpriced pair of Athleta Chatarunga tights, and I am so excited about this. No one should be this excited about pants that cannot be worn out in public as pants.
  • On Friday, I desperately wanted to sneak out early and take Baby Beez to the last day of the TapeScape exhibit at the Children’s Museum. Unfortunately I also had a big filing that day, and did not get out of work in time to take her. I did sneak out about an hour early, and told her that since there was still enough time to go do something (just not the museum, because it closed at 5), she could pick what we’d do. Her eyes got big, and she giggled “CAN WE GO TO THE MALL!!” Yes, we went. It’s incredible how excited she gets over that silly kid’s play area, just running and running and running around. Also I usually treat her to a vanilla ice cream from the DQ so that probably helps.
  • For the first time in my life, I actually DID have fruit for dessert. I had a pummelo. It was everything I ever wanted in a grapefruit, and more.
  • I was asked to participate in a panel discussion on Thursday at Pitt Law, titled “Is it Possible to be a Super Star Lawyer and Still have a Personal Life/Family?” I wouldn’t consider myself a “Super Star Lawyer” but it’s nice that at least the person who asked me to speak does! I’m working on coming up with talking points. Each panelist only has about 10 minutes. I’m thinking of talking about the work-life integration approach I’ve been taking lately. Because balance is a fallacy. So instead of work time/personal time, I just prioritize everything (work, life, whatever) by urgency and plug it all into my schedule wherever I can. Also the importance of aligning your “business development” efforts¬† with your real hobbies and interests.
  • I went grocery shopping at the fancy grocery store today because it was COLD and I wanted to park in their indoor parking lot. But then my groceries cost twice as much and the stupid store has a stupid layout and I could not find anything.
  • I am reading James Franco’s Actors Anonymous right now. I really want to hate it because James Franco’s stupid face. But it’s actually pretty good. I hate myself.
  • It is now 8:18 pm and I am going to BED.

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