Happy Feet 2, or How To Get A Toddler To Sit Still

I was not interested in seeing Happy Feet, and when the previews for Happy Feet 2 came out, I was even less interested.  The best reason I can give for this is because it looks stupid.

There was some preview for Happy Feet 2 on some DVD Baby Beez and I were watching, and she seemed to really enjoy the dancing penguins.  Her eyes got big, and she got all quiet.

This week has been bananas.  BANANAS. Mr. Beez is out of town (which means I had to do the dishes and take the garbage out and clean out the bird cages, yuck), I’ve been running around like a crazy person between meetings and CLEs and networking events, and I’ve also got a ton of work to do.  (To make myself feel better about the insanity, I’ve been overindulging in Double Stuf Oreos.)  Today was supposed to be my day to get tons of stuff done in the office, but of course Baby Beez isn’t feeling well, so now I’m working from home with the sick kid.

Anyway, back to the movie. On the way home from work yesterday, Baby Beez and I stopped at the Iggle to pick up some yogurt for her breakfast the next morning.  I noticed that the Redbox was stocking Happy Feet Two, and I decided to pick it up for her.

YOU GUYS, this toddler sat silently for an hour and a half mesmerized by these goofy dancing birds.  TODDLER. HOUR AND A HALF.  I don’t like to let my TV babysit my kid, but this was one of those evenings where I needed to get stuff done, and had to keep her occupied.

There’s a part of me that doesn’t want to encourage her to veg out in front of the TV, but there’s another part of me that wants to go out and buy the movie for her because she enjoyed it so much.  It’s fun to watch her entranced by the film.

I didn’t watch it with her. I was getting work done and getting various chores done.  I saw bits and pieces, and still think it seems stupid.  The downside of buying it for her would be that I would end up overhearing it.  There’s only so much penguin shuffling I can take.

I’m glad for the timing about picking this up, though.  Today Baby Beez has alternated between watching the movie and napping, which has allowed me plenty of time for work.  Working at home with a toddler is virtually impossible, unless you have dancing penguins to sedate the child.

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