Hanging Out with Stinky @RomeroAtPhipps and VOTE FOR ME with @PghRestaurantWk

Yes, Twitter truly does have a value– thanks to Twitter, we caught the coolest botanical event of the year, and managed to completely beat the crowd!  I’ve been a ridiculously obsessed follower of the @RomeroAtPhipps twitter feed, following the progress of the corpse flower with eager anticipation. And finally, yesterday evening, the tweet I have been waiting for arrived! @RomeroAtPhipps was blooming! And he only blooms for 24-48 hours before his rotten smell turns into rotten rot, and he’s all gone.  As soon as I saw that tweet I pestered my husband like you would not believe. And yes, he said we could head over to Phipps Conservatory post haste to see this botanical wonder.

Pee- ew

Pee- ew

By the time we got there, Romero had only been blooming for a couple hours, and hadn’t made it up to his full stench.  We were some of the earliest visitors, and boy am I glad that (thanks to twitter) we made it there early.  We got there early enough that we were able to walk right on up and check out the flower.  Once we were getting ready to go, they were starting to have people line up.  From what I heard, as time passed, the line got longer and longer until it wrapped all the way around the Conservatory and went out the door. 

Yes, the Corpse Flower lived up to its smelly name.  There were pockets up close of hot-garbage smell, although it wasn’t obnoxiously pervasive.  The longer we spent there, the stinkier it got.  I can only imagine how awful the place smells today (although even with an awful smell, I do think this is enough of a wonder of nature that it would be worth suffering both through waiting and stink to see).


Would I call Romero a “beautiful” flower? Ehhh, no.  But it was really really cool. I’m very glad we saw it, and these kinds of opportunities don’t come around often.  Phipps is staying open until 2am today, the flower only blooms 24-48 hours and that clock started ticking around 5:00 pm on Tuesday, so your time is running out!! Hurry on over!

Now on to non-stinky things, as part of Pittsburgh Restaurant Week I submitted my photo of Coq au Vin from Bridge 10 Brasserie for consideration in their photo contest.  The prize is tickets to the invite only wrap up party, and you know me, I love a party!  Please click on this link to vote for me! Vote for me! vote for me!!

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