Green things for lunch at @TosstPgh

Green things for lunch at @TosstPgh

During most lunch hours, I can be found hovering over my keyboard, trying not to coat my desk with sandwich crumbs. Pathetic, yes. But in the billable hour world, time spent lunching is time spent not working, which means more time spent later in the office. So I don’t go out to lunch too often.

For quite a while, Dahntahn was a desert when it came to healthier options. There was McD’s and about 974 Au bon Pains, but not a whole lot that was (naturally) green. With the revitalization of Market Square has also come a broadening of options available, both decadent and healthy.

I made lunch plans with my friend Krista. We are both moms livin’ the big firm life (i.e. ain’t got no time for lunch…or vegetables), and the newly-opened Toss’t seemed like a reasonable option for both of us. It promised to be a quick eat, as well as get some vitamins and roughage in our diets.

Toss't Pittsburgh

The staff was friendly efficient with assembling our salads. I recall that there were probably 10 different options to choose from, all with different toppings and dressings. Pretty much all the salads feature kale (why is kale trendy right now? I still don’t know). My one recommendation is that the kale be shredded into much smaller pieces. As it was, the kale was served as giant leaves, which takes a LOT of chewing and isn’t the easiest to digest.

Lots of Veggies with Tosst

I like having a new healthy salad option dahntahn. There are plenty of indulgent, not-healthy-but-oh-so-tasty salad options already (I’m lookin at you Zorba’s and Easy Street), but this salad really does deliver vegetables. Unlike many of my lunches out, I didn’t leave with guilt over nutritional misfeasance. Was it overpriced? A bit, I guess. But there’s premium to be paid for such convenience.

I would be happy to go here again, but I note that there is minimal seating. Toss’t is a good option when the weather isn’t so miserable and frigid, so that you can pick up your salad and grab a seat at the sideshow in Market Square.

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