Girl on the Run

Girl on the Run

With the Army 10 Miler, EQT 10 miler, and Disney Princess Glass Slipper Challenge coming up on the horizon, I’ve been more diligent about running regularly. Especially the last two weeks, I’ve squeezed those runs into impossible schedules, because going for a run can mean the difference between losing and not losing my frickin’ mind. Plus, running is so much easier when you run multiple times a week. It sounds crazy, but it’s true. The more you run, the easier it is.

Due to the various inevitable scheduling difficulties that arise in a dual-working-parents-in-crazy-jobs household, I ended up having responsibility over Baby Beez during the time I intended to go for that run. So that meant instead of going for a brisk 3 mile run, I instead went for a full-body-workout-jogging-stroller run. I allowed myself to walk more than usual because pushing a nearly 4 year old in a jogging stroller is NOT EASY. Even with her heavy backside, we made decent time.

When she tired of eating her pretzels and waving at every soul on the trail, Baby Beez started howling that she wanted OUT and she wanted to RUN. I figured, what the heck, and I let her out. And she was so excited to run alongside me for the last half mile and she demanded to push the stroller (with some navigation assistance from me, of course). I’ve been uncertain as to whether she’s ready for kids races, as I was afraid that 1 mile might be too much for her little body. From our little run today, she seems both fit and eager to start racing alongside her mama! Disney Kids Dash in February– here we come!

Cooperating with photos is SO last year. She's nearly 4 now. Smiling is so 3 years old.

Cooperating with photos is SO last year. She’s nearly 4 now. Smiling is so 3 years old.

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