Friday Fun with @ohhonestlyerin @unionprojectpgh and @pghtacotruck

Friday Fun with @ohhonestlyerin @unionprojectpgh and @pghtacotruck

It should be clear from this blog that I am not the stay-at-home type.  I love to be out and about, going to events, meeting people and seeing things.  This is certainly not a problem in this city, because Pittsburgh’s got a lot going on. A LOT.  And there are some weekends where all the cool things seem to be going on at the same time, and it puts me in the unfortunate position of having to choose between things.  This past weekend was one such weekend.  Baby Beez and I tore up the town. Our weekend was chock-full of activities, and even with the million things we did, we missed out on the Clifford the Big Red Dog opening at the Children’s Museum, the Venture Outdoors Festival and the St. Nick’s Greek Food Festival. Even with missing those things, we did a LOT.  So much that it can’t all fit in one post (or at least not one post that anyone would want to read).  So I’m going to break it down into several.  This was our weekend:

 Friday: Tot Shabbat at Temple, followed by the Flat Floor Fiesta at the Union Project.

 Saturday: Junior League’s Touch a Truck, an hour long conference call for me during which I hoped Baby Beez would nap but I had no such luck, an outing to the Pittsburgh Children’s Festival, which included meeting up with Baby Judah (and his parents), quality time at the petting zoo, seeing wonderful children’s friendly play called Egg & Spoon with our friends Liz and Baby Claire, hula hooping and dancing, and then a visit to Dave & Andy’s.

 Sunday: The Easter Seals Walk With Me at Kennywood Park followed by a morning riding the kids rides with our friends Sandy, Ben and Elena.  Several hours in the office so I could get work done, and despite Baby Beez’ refusal to nap, she behaved and watched movies on my laptop.  An evening at home in which Baby Beez jumped off the walls in that manic phase of exhaustion because I ridiculously overscheduled this weekend and because she has not napped in the last two days.  Despite being crazy hyper, at least she was being cheerful.

So yes, that’s what a weekend looks like when I let my enthusiasm get the better of me.  Needless to say, Sunday wound up with an early bedtime for Baby Beez and quiet magazine-reading time for me.  I guess when I’m complaining about feeling tired and completely under-rested, it’s obvious why that is.  But I can certainly say that it was a super fun weekend.

So lets dive into this silly weekend. First things first, the Union Project Flat Floor Fiesta.  The Union Project is a fabulous nonprofit multi-use building (formerly a church) in East Liberty.  They hold pottery and art classes there, but the facilities are also available to rent for all kinds of things like weddings, festivals and parties. The downside to hosting an event at the Union Project was their steeply sloped floors, making anything requiring the use of tables an awkward experience.  This Friday marked the grand reveal of the Union Project’s newly renovated FLAT floor, with a Flat Floor Fiesta. 

Erin and her fam were all there, and we hung out with them.  Chooch and Baby Beez ran around the grass like a couple of maniacs.  Baby Beez dug in the rocks and ran and ran and ran. babybeez

To be frank, I like the Union Project just fine, but my primary interest in the event was the rumored appearance of the Pittsburgh Taco Truck.  The Taco Truck premiered a few months back, is the sole taco truck in the city, and seems to have a maniacal social media following.  I needed to check this place out. tacotruck

I ordered the chicken/bacon/cheddar/sriracha cream taco, which despite the truck’s ever-changing menu, is one of their consistent offerings.  The tortillas were high quality and the combination of flavors was a good one.  It was a little heavy on the cheese, but really, can you complain about too much cheese? chicken

I also had the pork and sweet thai slaw taco, which was likewise a stand-up taco.  The Taco Truck does a good job of spearheading the food truck movement and bringing creative taco dishes throughout the city.  The food is good (although the proportions are sometimes off, Erin had the curried potato taco and it appeared to be overwhelmed by guacamole), and the business worthy of support.  I can’t say it’s the absolute best taco in Pittsburgh—in my experience that honor sticks with Reynas or Smoke—but the tacos are definitely good.  If it’s in your neighborhood, the Taco Truck is worth a visit.  I probably wouldn’t drive across the city to visit it, but if it were in my neighborhood, I would not hesitate to stop there for a bite. pork

Food, running around with friends, and playing with rocks.  Ain’t nothing wrong with that for a Friday evening.
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