Food for the Eatin’ in Pgh Part 3: @thePubChipShop @PageDairyMart @IndustryPgh Pamela’s Diner and the Mung Bean Pancake Vendor

Food for the Eatin’ in Pgh Part 3: @thePubChipShop @PageDairyMart @IndustryPgh Pamela’s Diner and the Mung Bean Pancake Vendor

In part 3 of Food for the Eatin’ in Pittsburgh, I’m gettin ALL about COMFORT FOOD. Mostly because I ran 9 miles on the day I wrote this post, and then have you SEEN the weather today? Comfort food is ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT right now. So yes, when it’s winter, when you’re sad, or when you just need food that’s going to be one giant hug in your belleh, these are  the things you need:

(EDITED TO ADD…when I wrote this, I didn’t realize that I had already written about the Boxty Tots in my first post. This is what happens when you write after distance running. But oh well, they’re awesome. So they deserve a double-mention)

1. The Boxty Tots at the Pub Chip Shop. Boxty Tots are a fancy name for tater tots topped with amazing things. My personal favorite is the chili cheese. Will Reynolds Young swears by the bacon cheddar. What everyone agrees on is that they are a-may-zing. The picture looks disgusting because there isn’t a way to make this phenomenal dish look good. But dear lord, it is the best.

2. Basically anything at Page Dairy Mart. For the longest time I claimed to not like soft serve ice cream. That is because the “soft serve” I had came from McDonalds, and was barely a food product, much less soft serve. Then I had Page Dairy Mart’s soft serve, and the heavens opened and the angels sang and I learned what I had been missing. They offer a PHENOMENAL chocolate chip cookie sundae featuring Nancy’ B’s cookies (which deserve their very own mention),  but my usual go to is coffee soft serve with hot fudge and whipped cream. What a thing of beauty.

3. Candied Bacon at Industry. This was a favorite also added by Mr. Beez and my pal Christine. How do I even describe it? It’s bacon that’s all sugary and caramelized and candied and sweet. It’s a perfect salty and sweet balance. Even Mr. Beez, who hates salty-sweet combinations (what is wrong with that man?) loves it. How can you not?

Oh Good God Glorious Candied Bacon at Industry

4.  Pamela’s is incredibly well known for their crepe pancakes, especially the ones with strawberries and whipped cream. I like them OK, but not really crazy about them. What can I say, I’m not a pancake person. What I AM crazy about at Pamela’s is the Lyonnaise Potatoes. I have no idea what their secret is (I suspect that it’s like 2 lbs of butter per serving, or something like that), but they are the best breakfast potatoes I’ve had ever, and have absolutely no idea how to replicate them on my own, which means I HAVE to go to out to eat to get my potato fix.

5. Mung Bean pancake from the vendor in the strip whose name I don’t even know. But there is only one mung bean pancake vendor, so you can figure it out. I know the Strip is chock-full of delicious options, so the mung bean pancake vendor might not be on your radar, but GET IT ON YOUR RADAR. The only way I can think to describe a mung bean pancake is like a scallion pancake but EVEN BETTER. It’s a thick, savory pancake full of mung beans and just a little spicy. If there is one thing that I NEED when I visit the strip, it’s this salty fried thing of goodness.

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