Firing on all Cylinders, and No End in Sight

Maybe it’s just a case of the Mondays, but I’m feeling burned out.  It’s partially my own fault– those few minutes in the weekend that I might actually be able to relax, I should actually try to relax.  Instead, I want to go out and do things and have fun.  It’s my only opportunity to go out and do things and have fun, and I don’t want the world to pass me by while I’m snoozing.  I’ve been full-speed-ahead at work since at least February, and even though I’ve had some nice weekends away, none of them have left me feeling rejuvinated.

Work is extra busy, which is good, I’m not complaining, but it also means that there is no end to the busy busy madness anytime soon.

So what do you do to fight burnout?

I’m thinking that finding a fantastic, gripping, can’t-g0-to-bed-til-I-finish-this-part book might do some good, and I do manage to find a few minutes of reading time before bed each night.  Here’s where I need your help– I need some suggestions!

The last book I read like that was Room.  All the Harry Potter books also had that effect on me (didn’t they on everyone?)  What book could you just not put down?

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