Fashion faux pas? or fun?

I really like this w118 by walter baker dress on sale with ideeli today.

I like its long sleeves and the fun pattern, but I worry that the length leaves it inappropriate for work.  My general rule is, if I have to wonder whether it’s work appropriate, then no, it’s not work appropriate.  It could be nicely taken up to a below-the-knee length, but that would take away from it’s unique look.  This is all a non-issue, since the size “large” is equivalent to a 10, so it’s a no go for me.

Everyone’s been bonkers of over Missoni since they introduced that discount line at Target.  ideeli also offered M Missoni pieces today.  Missoni’s zig zags aren’t my thing, and I don’t see the popularity of the line.

Especially when they make garbage like this.

This Missoni dress is fun. Except it’s $400. On sale. So no.  If you can find me the $40 H&M version, I’m game.

Mr. Beez is watching V for Vendetta. Natalie Portman’s terrible fake English accent is making my ears bleed.

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