Down to 3 in my 10 to 10! Baby’s first Pens Game

Down to 3 in my 10 to 10! Baby’s first Pens Game

Littlest Pens Fan

February 15, 2012

Today I unexpectedly got free Pittsburgh Penguins tickets. I got them less than 2 hours before the game. Mr. Beez was working tonight, so Baby Beez and I just went together. I was hesitant to do this after the non-fun of taking the baby on an airplane last weekend, but figured that if she got restless, we could walk around or even leave.

I am so glad we went. She was really good, and had a lot of fun. Having her own seat was key, because it gave her room to stand up, sit down, and squirm around without disturbing everyone. We were in Section 105, Row Z, so we were fairly close to the ice. The hockey action and the video screens kept her attention. With all the cheering and hollering, Baby Beez’s own baby-shouting was no problem at all!

Baby’s first Pens game!

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