December Dilemma

Before Baby Beez was big enough to be conscious of the world around her, I thought we had the “December Dilemma” (how to balance being Jewish in a Christmas-focused culture, without your child feeling left out) all figured out– we’d have Hanukkah at our house, and share Christmas with Mr. Beez’s parents at their house.  We hadn’t sorted out whether Santa would leave gifts for Baby Beez at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, or whether we’d skip Santa altogether. I figured we wouldn’t have to get to that question until she was at least 3.  What I didn’t appreciate was the trickle over effect– how much the December Dilemma would impact us outside our homes.  I’m thankful that we have an extremely active and supportive Interfaith Group at our synagogue, so I feel like we are surrounded by knowledgeable people who have navigated this course before, and can help us sort through these issues.

Today was Baby Beez’s daycare Christmas party! It was a Christmas party, not a Holiday Party, even though her daycare is very diverse– probably a full 1/3 of the class is not Christian.  Throughout the month of December the class does activities about Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.  I suppose I could have made a stink about a Christmas party not being inclusive, especially in such a diverse class, but I try to pick my battles, and I don’t see the value about making noise about a party when the kids are too young to have any idea about what is going on.  I wish I could say that Baby Beez had a great time, but she got seriously overstimulated and had a meltdown.  Before the Meltdown (with a capital “M”) she seemed to have a nice time singing songs, dancing her dances and doing arts & crafts.

Curious about the old man in the red suit…

Do not like!

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