Day 7 of 10 to 10: A trip to Vermont

This entry is a fun memory for me. Mr. Beez is on the board of our local food co-op, and several years ago they sent him to Brattleboro, VT in January for board member training. Let’s just say that it was so cold that even the locals thought it was cold. I remember running from the car indoors, because even those few seconds outside were so cold it was painful. All of this was back when I was still in law school and neither of us had any money, so to be able to go away to Vermont for a weekend was a very special treat. While Mr. Beez was in board training, I spent the day wandering around the little shopping district. I had some delicious hot chocolate at a quaint coffee shop, perused the books at the book store and had a generally lovely and relaxing time. It was such a simple little trip, but we have such fond memories of it.


January 26, 2007

We got in to Brattleboro, Vermont yesterday evening.
It was cold, really really cold.  But pretty, too!
We checked in to our hotel, and had a tasty vegetarian dinner! Then we went back to the hotel and watched Labyrinth (which I have never seen…and I did nod off for a bit, but I do that watching EVERY movie!)

Today we stopped by a sporting goods store to pick up some ski provisions. I have never seen so many winter hats in my life! I got a nice wooly one and some ski gloves.  Mike got a scary face mask.  I shoulda gotten one too. My face FROZE.
We picked up some delicious lunchy provisions from the Brattleboro Food Co-Op.  It is VERY nice.

Then we went skiing at Mount Snow.  HolymolyCOLDCOLDCOLDCOLDCOLD
It was a WINDY FIFTEEN DEGREES BELOW ZERO at the bottom of the mountain and THIRTY DEGREES BELOW ZERO at the top.
I’ve only ever been skiing once before (and I was eight years old then), and the first time we went down the slope today I kept getting frustrated because my goggles were fogging up and I didn’t know what I was doing and I was scared because I was going too fast, and I kept bursting into tears.  Poor Mike was trying to teach me, and every time he gave me an instruction I just wailed.  About 1/5 of the way down the slope, we took off the skis and walked the rest of the way down.  Then he taught me how to ski off a little hill that wasn’t even part of a slope. I think it was actually a speedbump covered in snow.  After sliding off that a few times, I got the courage up to go down the bunny slope again.  Yup, me and Mike and about 30 seven-year-olds.  We went down the slope together a few times, and we each went off on our own. And I didn’t cry any more! Yay! I like skiing now!  Even if it’s just skiing on the bunny slope.

I sent Mike off to ski down the big kids slope while I went down the bunny slope a few more times.  Then we realized it was too COLD cold to stay there any more.  We defrosted in the car (which was so cold that my water bottle inside the car started freezing while we were only gone a few hours).

When we got back to Brattleboro, we stopped at Friendly’s for some ice cream (perhaps not so wise, considering the temperature), and watched Children of Men at the hotel’s movie theater.

Hooray for a good trip so far!

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