Creative fare at @YoRitaSouthSide

Creative fare at @YoRitaSouthSide

Yo Rita’s not a new place, it’s been around for about 4 years, but when it opened tacos were far and few between in Pittsburgh. Yo Rita is a far cry from the homestyle Mexican options I was used to finding all over the place in my So Cal hometown, but they did add a little something different to Pittsburgh’s dining landscape.

When Yo Rita first opened, I went there a couple times in the space of a couple months. Now it’s been over three years since my last visit, and Pittsburgh’s dining scene has changed considerably in that time span. Yo Rita continues to offer creative and tasty tacos in a casual but fun atmosphere.

Yo Rita!

Yo Rita’s logo hearkens back to classic tattoo art, but doesn’t get all Ed Hardy up in your face. The interior is a combination of black, grey and subtle silver. The service was unobtrusive, attentive to refill our chips and take our orders quickly, but not overdoing it with the checking in.

Yo Rita! Root veggie taco and chorizo taco

One of my favorite things about Yo Rita is that you can get cava by the glass. Cava is entirely underrepresented on the wine lists in this town. The last time I was at Yo Rita, I had the seitan tortilla soup, and it was hands down one of the best bowls of soup I’ve had ever. I was sad to see that it was not on the menu this time around, and I hope that they bring it back soon.

Yo Rita has a wide variety of meat and vegtarian options, and I like to select one of each. I had a root vegetable taco, with butternut squash, beets, egg and cheese. My meat selection was a chorizo taco, with cheese and avocado cream. Both of them were flavorful and satisfying.

I’ll honestly say that Yo Rita isn’t at the tip top of my “must visit” list, but it’s a decent place to go when you’re in the Sahside and need a bite to eat. Also, cava by the glass. That’s always a plus for me.

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