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From summer to fall I achieved a very slow amount of weight loss, then from October to now I’ve been in a holding pattern. My failure to lose weight is not a mystery of human physiology. It’s simple: I’m not sticking to plan. I’m eating more than I need to eat, in order to lose weight. For the new year, WW has given a big marketing push to its “Simply Filling” technique (rebranded as “Simple Start”). It involves eating “power foods” (a list of nutritious, filling things like lean proteins, fruits, veggies etc) to satisfaction, and then you get 7 splurge points a day. Since I haven’t done well with tracking over the last few months, I thought it would be a nice thing to try. After all, even though I’m a failure at tracking, I can count to 7.

The first week went great. It helped that I was sick and taking all kinds of sudafed stuff and didn’t feel like eating much anyway. So for the first week, a steady menu of vegetable soup and clementines was right up my alley. The result: a 3.8 pound loss!

This Week's Crock Pot Recipe: Old Fashioned Vegetable Soup from Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker (Robin Robertson)

This Week’s Crock Pot Recipe: Old Fashioned Vegetable Soup from Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker (Robin Robertson)

Now that I’ve hit the first week achievement, the shine and excitement of healthy! healthy! diet has died down. I’ve hit the cravings. All I can think about is wings and cookies and pizza and cheesecake, and not in the “little indulgence” kind of way. More like the “want to eat until I’m physically ill” kind of way. I know this is a phase. The cravings hit hard for a couple weeks and then I’ll settle into being OK with a better way of eating, and wonder “what kind of people eats wings and cookies and pizza and cheesecake until they are physically ill, anyway?”

This week is Restaurant Week, and it is going to be quite a test. We are going out to eat several times, and I’m not eating salads and carrot sticks the whole time. But during the spare non-restaurant moments, I’m going to work hard to eat power foods and drink lots of water and not look at all the cookies and cakes and pies on Pinterest.

How do you distract yourself from the omg-I-need-to-eat-until-I-explode cravings?

Also, new season of GIRLS starts tonight! I’m watching a season 1 and 2 marathon to prepare!

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