Mistakes, Blunders and Disasters: My Article at Lawyerist.com

Maybe you have the day off today, maybe you do not, or maybe like me you are stuck in the limbo where your office is definitely open but your kid’s daycare is definitely closed, so you’re sitting on the couch trying to be productive as she keeps trying to climb on top of your laptop and then whines mournfully when you snap that she has to sit NEXT to you, not on TOP of you .

Whatever your work situation today, you should check out the article I published on Lawyerist.com today.  I’m pretty proud of it.  I’ve made fair share (maybe even more) of blunders, and I’ve survived and learned from them.  Hopefully you all will find some useful thoughts about how to grapple with mistakes and move on from them.

Check it out here: Recognizing, Owning, and Fixing Your Mistakes

And if you are a lawyer and haven’t started reading Lawyerist regularly yet, you should. It is full of incredibly insightful and practical articles. It is my favorite law blog because it really focuses on the nuts and bolts of practice.