How I love thee, #Pgh10Miler let me count the ways! @PGHMarathon

How I love thee, #Pgh10Miler let me count the ways! @PGHMarathon

This Sunday marked my third year of running the EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler. As is typical of Pittsburgh’s October weather, it was lovely for running. This year was by far my slowest of the 10 milers I’ve run, but I don’t mind. I figure, the longer I’m running, the more calories I’m burning, so who cares if it takes me three days.  I really look forward to the 10 Miler each year, dare I say it is my favorite race?  Whether it’s my favorite, or one of several favorites, it’s still got a special place in my heart for these reasons:

 1. I got in on the ground floor.  It is always neat to hear how a race started off in the 1970s with 100 guys in their short-shorts and Nikes, and now it’s runners number in the thousands and it’s got major corporate sponsors. I envy those runners, whose ranks whittle down each year, of the ones who have been there since the beginning and have never missed a race.  The EQT 10 Miler is my chance to be in from the start on a run that is big and exciting. Even if I give up running, I’m going to hit the pavement and walk it (really fast).  Even if I move away, I plan to come back each year for the race. I will be so excited when we hit the 50th running in 2062 and I’ll be out there, a waddling little octogenarian, showing em how it’s done!

EQT 10 miler 2013

EQT 10 Miler 2014

EQT 10 Miler 2015

2. The route is perfect. It’s almost literally on my doorstep. All I have to do is roll down the hill and BOOM, I’m at the start line. This means that I don’t have to get up or leave particularly early. I can wake up leisurely, have my breakfast (coffee and an apple with peanut butter), and stroll on down to the start line just before it starts. Because there is nothing more painful in the first world than having your muscles stiffen for 2 hours in the cold before the race even starts. Also, it is a closed course. All the races I have run in Pittsburgh have been closed courses, so I didn’t know open courses were even a thing until I ran a 5k in Oregon. Even if the traffic is non-existent, I DO NOT LIKE OPEN COURSES.  The whole course for the EQT 10 miler is closed, and the cops and crossing guards who are monitoring the streets are great at cheering on the runners.

3.  10 Miles is my favorite distance.  It’s not as popular as 10k or Half-Marathon, but each year there are more and more 10 milers out there (and yes, I want to run them all!). I love the distance. It’s just hard enough– it takes some work for me to get ready for it, but it’s also still manageable for me if life goes nuts and I can only hit the pavement a couple of times a week.

4.  It’s a “big” race, but not so big as to be overwhelming.  I like the anonymity of bigger races. After all, I’m a solo runner and like to blast my music and just get in my zone. But I like that the EQT 10 miler is just big enough that I run into friends for a quick hello.  There aren’t a ton of spectators out, but I love that the ones who are out are totally into it. No big crowds staring at their phones. These are folks who are excited to cheer you on, and will clap, cheer, high-five and are all-around great.

5.  The social media team is killer. The whole Pittsburgh Marathon/EQT 10 Miler social media team is on it. They are quick to respond and are well informed. It makes things a lot easier when there is some last minute hiccup and you need some help. They jump right at it and get you squared away.

What fall races are you running this year?

What races are your favorite?


Fall Happenings with the Beez Family and @412FoodRescue @WGMarathon @PittPanthers @WigleWhiskey

Fall Happenings with the Beez Family and @412FoodRescue @WGMarathon @PittPanthers @WigleWhiskey

Ahhh fall! It is my favorite season of the year! Pittsburgh is absolutely gorgeous in Fall– well it was gorgeous this weekend. Now the skies are gray and threatening rain, so I’ll be cuddling up with a cup of coffee and hoping the crisp sunshine returns soon.

I’ve been reading about the great work that 412 Food Rescue has been doing to reduce food waste and hunger in one fell swoop, by connecting those with surplus food with those without enough, and by using a volunteer network to transport that food from one place to another. I also like the opportunities that 412 Food Rescue provides for those of us who have inconsistent schedules.  I want to contribute to my community, but my schedule does not often lend to commitments planned far in advance or at regular intervals.  412 Food Rescue posts their volunteer requests on their facebook page (and soon, through their new app) and anyone who is available can help out.


Last week we were out and about, when 412 Food Rescue posted they needed someone to do a quick pickup in the South Side and drop-off in Uptown.  We were in the right area at the right time and had a few minutes to spare, so Baby Beez and I volunteered for the task.


We picked up 7 cases of fresh orange slices from the Pittsburgh Public School’s central kitchen and delivered them to Jubilee Kitchen.  Baby Beez helped with the carrying, and as we delivered the oranges to Jubilee Kitchen, she wished the clients a cheerful “Enjoy your oranges!!”  This provided a great opportunity for us to talk about food insecurity and food waste in a way that was meaningful and clear to a 5 year old, and was especially meaningful just a few days after Yom Kippur, in a season when we should be thinking of improving the world.

412 Food Rescue

If you are hungry for an opportunity to contribute in a way where your dollars “hit the ground running” so to speak, 412 Food Rescue’s Taco Tuesday fundraiser is tonight. There will be tacos (AND WHO DOES NOT LIKE TACOS?) and an opportunity to learn about the organization, mix and mingle with the leaders and volunteers and an opportunity to preview their new app.

In other fall happenings, I am very much looking forward to a solo-road trip this weekend. I’m going to be heading up to Corning, New York for the Wineglass Half Marathon on Sunday in the Finger Lakes. I have loaded my phone full of audiobooks and I’m very excited to have a couple days to just relax. I suppose I am an introvert, because a little time by myself really does leave me feeling refreshed. You don’t have any idea how much I am looking forward to laying in bed, reading, maybe painting my nails, getting a spaghetti dinner by myself, and going to bed at like 7pm.


Baby Beez was disappointed that I did not bring her home a medal from this weekend’s Pittsburgh Great Race (they do not give finishers medals, which makes complete sense for a 10k), but I told her about the gorgeous glass medal they give finishers at the Wineglass Half and she became very excited for this weekend’s race.

On October 10, I’ll be taking Baby Beez to her first Pitt Football homecoming game! This kid LOVES Pitt! There aren’t many words she knows how to read yet, but Pitt is definitely one of them. She has even announced that she plans to be a Pitt Cheerleader. While cheerleading is (to put it mildly) not really my thing, at least she has her sights set on Pitt. Can’t wait for the game! H2P!!!

Read her second word today! "P-I-T-T….mommy it's your school!!"

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And fall would not be complete without APPLES!  I could really go for apple crisp this morning, to tell you the truth. But apple whiskey would also do the trick! I’m excited for the Wigle Whiskey Apple Whiskey festival coming up later this month, on October 17 and 18.  The celebration is taking place at both their Strip District Distillery and the Wigle Barrelhouse in Spring Hill. It is family friendly, and will include bobbing for apples, live music and whiskey samples for the 21+ crowd. Yes, PLEASE!

Walkabout Promo

Thanks to everyone who has been reading! My posting has slowed a bit lately (that’s what happens when you go on a manic reading kick, and spend all your time taking words in, instead of writing them out!), and it’s great to have dedicated and enthusiastic readers! If you aren’t already doing so, please follow me on Instagram and Twitter, to carry on about ADVENTURES IN PITTSBURGH!


Four Things for the Weekend

Four Things for the Weekend

The last few weeks have involved lots of running, books, watching Harry Potter movies and writing. Lots of writing. Legal writing, that is. So during my (limited) recreation time, I prefer to listen to other peoples’ words, rather than write my own. Resulting in me having a whole lotta activity on Goodreads, but not so much here. But I still like to check in from time to time, so here we are.

  1. Wineglass Half

I’m running the Wineglass Half Marathon in Corning New York on Sunday, October 4.  I have never been to the Finger Lakes and am excited to do a run there. This will be my first long race since February. I had planned to run the PA Grand Canyon half in July, but for a number of reasons, that got bagged.  I also was hoping to run the Disneyland Half over Labor Day weekend, but I deferred that to next year, due to travel costs (after Disney World and Napa in the same year, we flat out can’t afford to go on a trip to Disneyland). So the Wineglass Half in Corning is up next.

In my quest with Baby Beez to earn 100 medals, I did sign up and run a 5 mile “Virtual Race” with Gone for a Run. But, I’ll be honest, I felt kind of stupid doing it. I ran on my own for 5 miles and then gave myself a medal. It had a shark on it, which was pretty sweet (also, the tshirt is super comfortable), but that was the only redeeming aspect. I think I’m going to keep my medal-earning to actual events with other people.

2.  Vacation.

No, I’m not going on one anytime soon. WE JUST GOT BACK. But I’m always thinking about vacation.  We have been talking about taking a trip to the Florida Keys when it’s winter time. Anyone been? Any thoughts or recs?

Baby Beez apparently has the travel bug. In between her going to the JCC camp and watching Home (over and over), she is constantly asking to either go to Israel or Paris. I would love to take her to either one, but it’s not like we can just up and go. I wish.


3. Back to School.

Baby Beez doesn’t start kindergarten til next year, but it was nice for her to return to her Pre-K school after a summer full of swimming, hiking and playing Ga-Ga at summer camp.  We start back up with ballet class, swim lessons and Sunday School soon. I love back to school season. It’s full of excitement and new beginnings and promise.  So many friends have been posting their kids’ first day of school pictures online, and I just love it.

4. Fall festivities

With fall comes all kinds of fall festivities! Mr. Beez LOVES Oktoberfest but I hate crowds. I have flat-out refused to go to his favorite event of the year, Penn Brewery’s Oktoberfest, for the past several years, because I hate it so much.  This year, they have rolled out a VIP Option, which means an area WITHOUT CROWDS! So I’m in and looking forward to us having a nice time.

Even though facebook is all whiny about everything-pumpkin coming back soon, I love it and I’m excited for it. I won’t be able to go to Hough’s Drunkin Punkin this year, because I’ll be in New York for the aforesaid Wineglass half marathon, but Blue Dust also has a Pumpkin Beer festival that I’d like to check out.


100 Medals.

100 Medals.

Running is kind of my thing. I’m not great at it, but I can accomplish it without embarrassing myself too badly. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. I ran 2 marathons about 10 years ago. I burned out on running for a while. Then I started running again. Then I had a kid. Then I didn’t run for a while. Now for the last 2 years or so, I’ve been back in the swing of it.

before running ATM

I like 10 mile races and half marathons. They’re long enough that I do have to train, but short enough that training doesn’t hijack my life. They get me to travel to neat places. They help me burn off the angry.

Baby Beez appropriates my medals. I’m happy to let her have them. I love teaching her that her mom has been strong and has worked for something that is hard.

This week, she earned her first medal of her own. She participated in a kid’s basketball class, and at the end of the session, she got her very own medal.

A medal for a job well done

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This morning, we were talking about the races I’m running this week. I told her I’m running a 10k and a Half Marathon, and I’m going to be getting a total of THREE medals. She was thrilled. She loves these medals. Jumping up and down, she exclaimed “WE’RE GONNA GET 100 MEDALS.”

I’ve been thinking about it all day. 100 Medals. Why don’t we earn 100 medals?

My girl and I, we’re going to earn 100 medals. They don’t all have to be running. They can be from other sports events. But we’re going to be strong and be healthy and earn those medals. I don’t know what we’ll do with them once we have them. But we’ll have them. With the races I’ve done, we’ve got a good start. We don’t have any deadline. But we’re going to do it. I’ve set up a photo album through Facebook, so you can watch our progress.

We’re going to earn 100 medals.