Carrie Furnace Adventure with @FurnaceBash @CarrieFurnaces

Carrie Furnace Adventure with @FurnaceBash @CarrieFurnaces

This recap will be a quick one, because the photos speak for themselves. On Saturday, Mr. Beez and I attended Furnace Bash Vol. 1, a Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week celebration with local/craft breweries, that raised funds for Side Project, Inc. and the Mario Lemieux Foundation. I reasoned that I was not going to go to an event at the Carrie Furnace without getting a full view of the furnace (the party itself was in the ore yard), so a furnace tour we did!

Speaking with some experience planning events, the Furnace Bash crew did a great job with this first year of the event. The hiccups were few and minor and the event was a blast. Mr. Beez and I cannot stand crowded events, and the Furnace Bash crew made the wise decision of capping tickets at 500. There were plenty of refreshments and virtually no line whatsoever.

It was a thrill to see the furnace, and I hope to bring my mom on a tour when she visits this summer. It’s not a small kid appropriate activity, as there are plenty of things to trip over and areas where you could fall down. Baby Beez will have to wait a few more years until we take her on a tour. Rivers of Steel offers various Mon Valley and Carrie Furnace tours, and is absolutely worth considering if you have out-of-town guests coming soon. The Furnace is a great site to see, especially if your guest has already done the usual Strip District/Incline/Grandview Ave circuit.

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