Calling it Like it Is

Baby Beez’ last gymnastics class (for the time being) is this Saturday.  I feel guilty for feeling this way, but I feel relieved.  I was so excited to sign her up for Kinder Gym. It was perfectly scheduled for Saturday mornings– a time when even if I have weekend work obligations, I can reliably carve out an hour for an activity with her– the teacher was friendly, the location was good, everything seemed to be set perfectly.  Too bad Baby Beez just isn’t into it.

Don't let her fool you. She was pitching a fit at both ends of that balance beam.

Don’t let her fool you. She was pitching a fit at both ends of that balance beam.

We’ve been taking the gymnastics classes for about a year now.  They are “mommy & me” style. There is no technique, no focused instruction.  There are stations on a circuit, and the kids are encouraged to climb and explore.  At the beginning Baby Beez seemed to like it. She would climb and check things out.  Because the classes are in the late morning, she was always exhausted by the end (she’s an early napper), and would end up taking a 3-4 hour nap afterward.

In the last month she has lost interest entirely.  She spends 15 minutes running around in circles (if I’m lucky, she’ll sometimes try a slide or trampoline, but god forbid I ask her to try anything else), then she’ll plant herself on the floor, stick her thumb in her mouth and pout.  She really is tired, but sometimes if she’s interested in something, she’ll ignore being sleepy and will just explore.  Whatever interest she had is clearly gone.

The best part of gymnastics class is at the end of every class, we got to play parachute. YES THE GROWN UPS PLAY TOO.



Last week, as the class approached its end, Baby Beez shouted loudly that she wanted to go home. HOME NOW. RIGHT NOW. And as much as I don’t like giving a yelling kid what she wants, I couldn’t very well ruin everyone else’s parachute time by forcing an angry toddler to stay in class.  She succeeded in ruining only my parachute time.

Despite my visions of my tiny Dominque Moceneau, Baby Beez didn’t go for it.  It’s stupid to re-enroll her in something she’s not enjoying, so we’re out for now.  I don’t plan to overload her tiny person schedule with sports and music and activities and so forth, but I do like the idea of us having a scheduled, consistent activity every week.  I just need to figure out how to replace it.  Options include: swimming, ballet class, music class, or I can just drop her off at the kids room in the gym and go workout myself (hey, she has a crush on Steve, the kids room attendant, and I need a workout, so everyone wins).

How do you manage to pick activities for your kids?

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