Cafe Raymond in the Strip

Cafe Raymond in the Strip

When heading to the Strip District for a meal, the usual popular choices are Pamela’s or DeLuca’s. There’s another quiet little diner I just discovered, although more of the fresh sandwiches and salads variety than of greasy spoon. Cafe Raymond is nestled in nearby Mon Aimee Chocolates. I’ve passed by it a million times, but never really registered it as an intended destination. On a facebook exchange about noteworthy BYOB brunch destinations it came up, and I decided I had to make my way there.

Cafe Raymond

I visited with my friends Krista and Paul on a sunny Thursday late-morning. It was one of those highly unusual circumstances where we all happened to be out of the office for the day, and it was a delight to visit the Strip District and not have to get into a fistfight over a parking spot.

I ordered a combo that included a side salad, a sandwich, a cookie and a drink. If I had written this post in a timely fashion (i.e. not a whole month after the visit…)I would have had much clearer memories of what the sandwich filling was. I know there was prosciutto involved. It’s hard to go wrong with prosciutto, but this sandwich was especially good. The whole meal was just so fresh. And the cookie– red velvet with white chocolate chips. Yum. Paul also had a sandwich, which he was very happy with. Krista had a sandwich, and lord almighty that was an enormous salad. It wasn’t served on a plate, it was served on a slab of tree trunk.

The only downside of Cafe Raymond was that I had so greedily filled my belly with my meal that I didn’t have room to wander around the Strip and pick up other tasty selections (Reyna’s tacos, Lucy’s banh mi, mung bean pancakes and cookies from the vendors outside PennMac are my favorites). Cafe Raymond’s prices are reasonable, and I’m always a huge fan of BYOB. I am also under the impression that, although Cafe Raymond is a beloved spot, it’s not quite as jam-packed as some other destinations.

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