Burgers, brews and pierogies at Sauce

Burgers, brews and pierogies at Sauce

I’m driving down the road, drive drive drive, and all of a sudden THERE IT IS! I spot out of the corner of my eye the glowing neon hamburger sign of SAUCE.  I knew it is somewhere in Bridgeville but did not know where. And as soon as I see a restaurant I’ve read lots of happy words on the internet about, well obviously I need to stop there for a meal post-haste.

Sauce in Bridgeville

Sometimes I am asked “how do you know about all these restaurants?” I like visiting the new faces in the ‘burgh, but I’m equally excited about discovering an old little hole in the wall with great bites.  I of course read the food/restaurants sections in a few newspapers, and keep up with various twitter feeds and websites.  But one of the most effective methods of learning of new (or new-to-me) restaurants is old fashioned driving around and noticing some place I’ve never been to before.

So it was with Sauce. I’ve noticed it mentioned in the “What’s the best hamburger joint in town?” postings from time to time. And, as you can see from the full-window sticker advertising their “Best Gourmet Burgers in Pittsburgh 2008” they do not shy away from such praise.  With the introduction of Burgatory, BRGR, Wingharts and the Butterjoint, and of course longstanding local favorite, Tessaro’s, there is now plenty of competition in the ‘burgh for the title of “Best Hamburger.”  I recently pledged my allegiance to the Butterjoint burger, and was eager to see how Sauce would stack up.

IMG_3520Important beverage matters first: They have a nice beer selection.  It doesn’t rival D’s Dogs, but it is well more than your usual Yuengling-Miller Light-Budweiser selection.  Certainly enough variety for my satisfaction.  I selected the A1 Steakburger.  I was seriously considering a BBQ burger, but for some reason A1 ensnared me with its siren song.  The burger was quite good. It definitely did not unseat the Butterjoint for my favorite burger in town– there is room for improvement, such as a better bun.  And because of the way A1 takes over the flavor of the meat, I did not get a good sense of the quality of the burger itself separate and apart from its toppings, but on the whole it was an extremely satisfying lunch.

Sauce pierogies

A massive, massive plus to Sauce are the side dish options.  You could get fries with your burger if you want, or you could get BUTTERY FRIED PIEROGIES, or mac and cheese, or all kinds of other wonderful things.  And yes, they are included as the side with the burger. Lovely.

The vibe at Sauce was very casual, very laid back, but not townie.  Honestly, I’m not keen on townie bars.  If you’re not a regular, it’s obvious, and it just makes me uncomfortable.  Sauce seemed to cater to a mix of regulars and newbies, wearing everything from suits to ripped, heavily faded jeans.  It was friendly and comfortable.

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