Blogga lunch with @AlexanderFIV and @OhHonestlyErin

Following Podcamp 8, I announced my plans to pursue a “Lurk No More” initiative, by interviewing bloggers (in real life) whom I read, but do not know in real life.  The purpose is to break down that barrier between the screen and real life, so when I bump into these people in real life (which does happen from time to time) we can recognize each other and chat, instead of me staring at my shoes.

Alex of Everybody Loves You and Erin of Oh Honestly Erin eagerly offered to be the test subjects for this initiative.  Confession: I knew them both already in real life.

We planned to lunch at Casa Rasta, and I was SUPER excited because on this day I was SUPER craving tacos.  But once Erin and I arrived, we learned that Casa Rasta was closed for lunch in preparation for a Dia De Los Muertos party. And almost every other venue we thought of is closed for lunch on Saturdays. CLOSED. Why are all these places CLOSED for lunch on Saturday?

Eventually we identified It’s Greek to Me as being (1) Nearby, and (2) Open. So we relocated our lunch to there.




It’s Greek to Me was an adequate lunch spot right on Brookline Blvd. We all opted for “plates” which consist of the entree (pictured here: souvlakia for me and falafel for Erin) with salad and fries.


I’m not usually a huge pita fan, but they were generous with plates of it, sliced and warmed.  The pita really was tasty.  Admittedly, I’m still hungry for tacos though.

So on to the interview!

1.  What do you get out of blogging? What’s in it for YOU? (I note that all of us are strictly ad-free bloggers)

Erin: I like having a record of everything I do. Especially so when Henry says something happened in a certain a way, I can go back and look at my blog and show him he’s WRONG.

Alex: It’s fun. I like writing creatively and I like to make people laugh, it’s a different way of writing that I don’t get to do anywhere else. I also like meeting new people through blogging.  I grew up in Pittsburgh, so like most people here, I’ve had the same friends since I was 8. Blogging introduces me to new people.

2. How can you tell if you’ve made a killer post?

Erin:  If I go in to work and someone stops me in the hallway and says something out loud to me about it, it’s a great post.

Alex: My wife reads through posts before I post them, and if she’s laughing, it’s a great one.

3.  What are your favorite blogs to read?

Erin: I love A Beautiful Mess.  It’s a crafting/lifestyle blog, but it’s not artificially perfect.  I also love reading Skunkboy.

Alex:  I’m not a big reader, but I do read Pittsburgh blogs.  Erin’s blog and The Steel Trap are two of my favorites.  Also a big shoutout to Stylish White Female.  When I first started blogging Terra really helped with promoting my blog and introducing me to people.


It was a crazy fun lunch with these two, and was a great trial run for the initiative.  It was a bit of a cheat since I know them both already, but they provided me a great opportunity to work on my blogga interviewing skills. I learned that I need to show up at an interview with more than a few questions, or perhaps send the questions to the interviewee ahead of time. Some of my questions fell flat or were hard to answer on the spot.  But Erin, Alex and I get along like gangbusters, so after I asked my nonsense questions the rest of our lunch was delightful and fun anyway.

What Pittsburgh area blogs should I check out for my Lurk No More plans?

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