Beer, Brisket and more Brisket @BlueDust1

Beer, Brisket and more Brisket @BlueDust1

You’ve probably driven by Blue Dust a million times, and never realized it was there. When you take Amity Street across the train tracks into the Waterfront, Blue Dust is the last little building on your right. You’ve seen it, but you haven’t seen it. It’s worth taking a look.

Blue Dust’s sign boasts “25 Beers on Tap! No Crap!” and it’s true. They also have a massive cooler of mix-and-match bottle selections, the perfect six-pack stop before hosting a small gathering of your beer-snobbiest friends.

Blue Dust is perfectly casual without feeling like a townie bar. Admittedly, I’m often afraid to venture into places that seem too weather-worn, for fear I’ll stand out as the newbie. When we went, the restaurant was about half-full. Some obvious first-timers, impressed by the murals of smokey steel mills on the walls, some obvious regulars, hunched up at the bar, nursing a cold one and watching the game.


 I am a true sucker for seasonal beers, and was thrilled that the pumpkin selections are now on tap.  There are few things I love more than sipping that cold beer across the cinnamon-sugar rimmed glass.  According to Blue Dust’s website, they are hosting a pumpkin beer fest on October 12, and I just may have to squeeze that event into my day.


 Brisket is Blue Dust’s specialty, and we absolutely could not pass it up.  Mr. Beez selected the brisket sandwich, and although he is usually a picky man when it ocmes to sandwiches, he was delighted with it.  Mr. Beez likes his sandwich to contain meat, cheese, perhaps a vegetable or two, but absolutely no mayo, spread, condiment, or anything gooey.  The meat was stacked high and the bread dry.  He was delighted.  The option of chips and salsa as the side with the sandwich was a welcome departure from the usual side of potato chips.

Brisket Sandwich at Blue Dust in Homestead

 Since I had already stuffed myself with a massive breakfast burrito earlier that same morning, I wanted to get at least something green worked into my diet for the day.  I selected the namesake salad, topped with brisket.  The salad is heavily topped with dried cranberries, dried blueberries, walnuts and cheese, not to mention the juicy brisket.  I was thrilled that the toppings were so generously served that they were in every single bite.  It probably wasn’t the lightest salad in the world, but it wasn’t the worst either (hey look, no french fries!) It was fresh and made with care, and to be honest, I’m craving another one right now.

Blue Dust Salad with Brisket at Blue Dust in Homestead

Blue Dust does have outside seating, but it is also right next to a fairly busy train track, so it’s got a little more dust and noise than I’m usually looking for. Blue Dust is more “bar” than “restaurant,” and although it’s pretty laid back, I doubt I’ll bring Baby Beez there until she’s much bigger. It’s the kind of place you want to relax and have a few cold ones, without the hassle and noise of little whippersnappers.

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