Baked Treats from @BellaChristiez

Baked Treats from @BellaChristiez

I’ve got a Groupon habit. A bad one. I’m fairly good at making sure I actually use them, and am getting better at checking reviews of places before I buy their Groupons, but I still buy too darn many of them.  I also like baked goods: cookies, cakes, rice krispie treats, pretty much anything sweet and carb-loaded and I’m in. Bella Christies Sweet Boutique in Aspinwall has been running Groupon specials fairly regularly over the last several weeks, and I decided that yes PLEASE, I would like some donuts.

Bella Christies Sweet Boutique

Bella Christies mini donuts go for the gourmet topping approach, from everything from coconut to maple-bacon to peanut-butter-pretzel.  The donuts are small cake donuts, but are super sweet, that they are equally satisfying as normal sized normal donut. When I bought my groupon, the 1 dozen option was sold out, so naturally I bought the 2 dozen option. Of course.  And I could have brought them to work or to a friend’s house to share them, but no. Mr. Beez and I ate all of them ourselves. Because we like donuts.

Bella Christies Little DonutsMy absolute favorite flavors ended up being: lemon frosted, regular-old glazed (but so GOOD!) and coconut.  The other flavors were fun, adventurous departures from the normal donut options, and were certainly fun to try, but these three classics were my absolute favorite.  Bella Christies donuts are perfect to pick up as a treat for a potluck brunch. They are a little pricier than Dunkin or the grocery store, so they might be out of the price range for an option to bring in to feed the office, but if you did bring them in to work, you’d certainly make your coworkers happy.  If you’re getting hitched soon, you should consider adding Bella Christies’ to your cake tasting lineup.  i had a cupcake from their treat truck on Friday, and found the cake to be very light and fluffy, although the buttercream was too heavy for my taste (I’m sure they offer other frosting varieties to try out though).

If I lived in Aspinwall, Fox Chapel, Blawnox or any of those nearby areas, I’d be a regular at Bella Christies (and put on a bunch of pounds to boot).  It’s a bit of a haul from my Greenfield digs, but the sweet treats are worth an occasional long drive.  Also, I’ve noticed the Bella Christies’ dessert truck at many a foodtruck roundup, and I’m always happy to pick up a cake pop, cupcake or cookie-ice cream sandwich when I bump into them.
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