Back to the Real World, for a Moment Anyway

This week was trial week.  The verdict came in yesterday. A verdict for my client.  I was so proud of the result I achieved for them, and even more proud of how I felt when I tried that case.  I had worked hard.  I prepared thoroughly.  When I got in that courtroom, I was ready to go. Trying a case is a lot like taking a big exam.  If you’re not well prepared, it’s frightening.  If you are well prepared, it’s exciting. You just want to get in there and show everyone what you can do.

After the trial came the crash.  Several long days of preparation last week followed by three straight days of the trial RUSH is exhausting.  I did go to work today, but didn’t make it all the way through.  I left a little early, and at home crashed into a nap for several hours.

I start another trial in 11 days.  I’m excited, not stressed. Trial is what this job is about, after all.

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