Baby Beez and the Vehicles: Touch a Truck

Baby Beez and the Vehicles: Touch a Truck

Last year the Beez family discovered the wonder that is the Junior League of Pittsburgh’s Touch a Truck Event.  The event is AWESOME.  It’s a kid’s event, but don’t be fooled, the adults love it too.  The concept is secret: Get a whole bunch of trucks in one place and EVERYONE GETS TO CLIMB ON THEM.


All kinds of trucks! Bomb squad trucks! SWAT trucks! Mail Trucks! Cement Trucks! Fire Trucks! Monster Trucks! ALL OF THE TRUCKS!


And you get to climb in them! and Sit in them! and Take Pictures! and get this…..



YOU GET TO HONK THE HORN!! Even on the big semi trucks! You get to pull the cord! HONNNNK HONNNK!


Mr. Beez was especially sad to learn that Touch a Truck was occurring at a time he could not attend. He loves this event just as much as Baby Beez and me.  This year we met up with friends and climbed through all the trucks together. Friends make the best things even better.


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