Another delicious foodie event with Chef Tommy and Temple Sinai

Another delicious foodie event with Chef Tommy and Temple Sinai

Although Passover is complete, the wonderful tastes of this year’s foodie event with Temple Sinai are still vivid in my memory. The event features holiday-themed small plates accompanied by curated Kosher wines. Chef Tommy Petro of Monitor Street Catering mans the kitchen, and the wine list was skillfully assembled from the comprehensive selection at Pinskers.

Kosher Wines

Our first dish was a tangy beet salad with shredded carrots and walnuts. I love beets. Mr. Beez does not. We both heartily enjoyed the salad.

Beet salad

Next up were deviled eggs topped with caviar. I love deviled eggs, and the caviar nicely complemented the creamy egg.

Deviled egg

The next dish was a grilled radicchio with balsamic glaze. I’m not usually crazy about radicchio because of its bitterness, but between the grilling and the glaze, the bitterness was all gone.


A Passover meal, of course, would not be complete without brisket. Brisket is by far Mr. Beez’ favorite part of Jewish holidays, and this brisket was very tender. I had also made brisket a few weeks prior, and brisket was on the menu for our seder on the first night of the holiday. Mr. Beez did not mind at all, he would happily eat brisket every day.


For dessert, we partook in chocolate drizzled macaroons. For every year since forever, we have finished every Passover seder with Manischewitz macaroons from the can. I don’t really like them, but they are tradition, so I eat them anyway because of the memories. These macaroons were far better. I’d even eat them by choice, not just out of nostalgia!


This Temple event was unique because in addition to spending time with old friends, there were also many new attendees. So far, there have been foodie events for Passover and Hanukkah. I would love to see the series spread more widely into holidays like Tu B’Shvat or even foodie Shabbat dinners. The events have been a special opportunity to eat amazing food, learn about our religion and make new friends.

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