Another Challenge for the Peanut Gallery: Steakhouses

I’ve got food on the brain today.  I’ve been on hold with Per Se for the last 30 minutes, in a desperate attempt to get a dinner reservation when Mr. Beez and I travel up to NYC for my friend Jen’s wedding in May.  If I don’t get one this time, I can try again in August.  Being on hold is STRESSFUL.

Mr. Beez’ birthday is coming up in May.  For his birthday dinner he would like a “ridiculous steak.”  We’re talking some ridiculous massive porterhouse, with a ridiculous massive baked potato, and a ridiculous massive plate of broccoli.  Morton’s is always a favorite of his, so that is a distinct possibility.  I have been to Morton’s once, and was not amazed by it.  It is a big fancy dinner, but I feel like I could have had a much more delicious meal for half the price at any number of Pittsburgh’s unique local restaurants.  (Note: we DO plan to visit Peter Luger during one of our NYC trips this summer.)

So, peanut gallery, what is your favorite place for a gluttonous steak in Pittsburgh?

Possibilities include:


Hyde Park (which I’ve heard good things about, but it has received several scathing reviews on Yelp!)

The Capital Grille

The Carlton

or anywhere else yinz can think of.  I would rather we go to a locally owned place, but appears that the steakhouse scene is overwhelmingly chains.

Where do you think we should dine for a ridiculous enormous steak for Mr. Beez’ birthday?

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