Angel Hair Frutti di Mare

Part of trying to do more cooking at home (instead of take out) involves actually USING all those things I bought on impulse while grocery shopping, but have managed to take up seemingly permanent residence in the freezer or pantry.  We’ve had a bag of frozen seafood mix from an entirely too ambitious shopping trip to Wholey’s.  With the exception of fish sticks, I generally don’t cook or fish sticks at home. Some dishes I don’t think give you the full return on the hassle (I also avoid making fried foods and any recipe involving more than 5 steps.  If it’s complicated, I’ll get it at a restaurant).

So the seafood mix looked like it would make a simple, different meal. I had good intentions in buying it, but honestly didn’t know what to do with it.  Lucky for me there was a handy dandy recipe on the back for angel hair frutti di mare.

The recipe was fast, easy, and a welcome departure from our usual dinner regulars of pizza/chicken/stir fry, etc.  It was a good enough meal, but not anything earthshattering. More than anything, the dish had the effect of wanting more mussels.  Now I’ve got a mad craving for mussels and frites.

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