All Things Nice in Market Square

Now is certainly the time to get yourself down to Market Square.  What was once, shall we say, not the most appealing part of dahntahn has shaped up to be absolutely lovely, especially during the holidays.  First off, the holiday market is darling.  You can visit with Santa, pick up decor and gifts, have a glass of champagne and a bite to eat, and go for a twirl around the ice skating rink at nearby PPG Place.

Some friends of mine have even opened a Christmas tree shop called Nice Tree, that sells fresh trees, wreaths and all kinds of lovely pine-smelling thing.  They are a small local business, selling goods grown with care at a nearby Ohio farm.



Nice Tree delivers within the downtown area. If you don’t live downtown, there is plenty of room for you to pull your car right up to easily load the tree.  If you’ll be celebrating the season with pine decor, Nice Tree is the place to be!

Of course a visit to Market Square is never complete without food and drink.  I kicked off the season last night with my first holiday party (of four this week alone).  If you want me at your party, the easiest way to get me there is champagne. And last night’s party was hosted by Alpern Rosenthal’s Young Professionals Network at Perle. If you have not yet visited Perle, you are very sorely missing out. Long story short: Champagne Bar.  Fancy. Yum. Go there.


And last but not least– the foods.  Il Pizzaiolo is that perfect mid level.  Not too fancy, but not too casual either.  The last time I was there, I had the most amazing sandwich for lunch.  When I went yesterday, sandwiches were nowhere to be found.  The tragic word on the street is that they are no longer serving sandwiches.  My heart is in mourning for this loss of lunchtime bliss.  However, there are plenty of other delicious carb-heavy options remaining on the menu. Il Pizzaiolo specializes in pastas and wood fired pizzas, and never disappoints in quality.

Il Pizzaiolo

My dining companion and I split a lovely house salad (which I gobbled up too quickly, forgetting to snap a picture) and this delicious Provola pizza, topped with basil, cherry tomatoes and smoked mozzarella di bufala. This was my first experience with smoked mozzarella on a pizza, and it added just the right kick of flavor.  I’m not the type to order the same dish every time I go to a restaurant, but it will be hard to pass up this pizza on a return visit.

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