All the time. Where did it go?

All the time. Where did it go?

It’s nearly been TWO WEEKS since my last post! What happened?!

Since Valentine’s Day, we took a nice little family vacation to Orlando. We went to Harry Potter world, and Baby Beez practiced turning everyone into frogs with her new wand.

Picking out her wand (she picked Cedric Diggory's)

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We also went to Disney World. I have to admit, at one time in my youth, I may have had a BIT of a Disney problem. I had a Mickey Mouse themed Bat Mitzvah…I collected Disney snow globes…I had a massive collection of Disney films. I’ve mostly kicked the habit, but still did want to check out Disney World.  I signed up and completed the Glass Slipper Challenge, which was a 10k on a Saturday and a half marathon on a Sunday. I ran super slow, but was so pleasantly surprised at how smooth those races were. We also had fun running around the Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

Damn it's early #princess10k

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Getting back into the swing of normal life and responsibilities has been a bit unsteady. This weekend will be a low key time to reset.

I’ve been on a steady stream of excellent books lately. A Tale for the Time Being, We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, The First Bad Man and Station Eleven were all on my bookshelf recently, and man were they good. Just wow.

I’m waaaaay behind when it comes to watching last year’s Oscar nominees. I’m feeling the need to lock myself in the house and have an OnDemand viewing spree. It may include me eating an entire pan of Rice Krispie treats, because yessssss.

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