Adventures in Vegetables: Kohlrabi

Adventures in Vegetables: Kohlrabi

This is kohlrabi.


I’d seen it in the grocery store before, but frankly had no idea what to do with it, and wasn’t much motivated to learn about it. At Weight Watchers a couple weeks ago, a member shared how she, at the urging of an enthusiastic farmer’s market merchant, had tried kohlrabi and loved it. It became her new afternoon snack, when she isn’t necessarily super hungry, but she needs something to crunch on.  I became intrigued.


Preparing kohlrabi is incredibly easy.  You peel it.  One end of the kohlrabi I had was slightly woody and stringy so I chopped that part off.  Then I sliced it up.


Kohlrabi has a light, slightly sweet flavor, It is very similar to celery, without all the annoying strings to get caught in your teeth.  Its consistency is similar to an apple, and it’s a tiny bit starchy, but not nearly as starchy as jicama. It’s a perfectly satisfying snack on its own, but is also a respectable vehicle for your preferred hummus, salad dressing or dip.  Mr. Beez is a tzatziki fiend, and I was easy to try out fage’s new pre-made tzatziki (it’s dill and lemon flavors are not nearly as deliciously potent as homemade, but it does the trick).  2 tablespoons of this dip came to a total of 1 WW points plus, and the kohlrabi itself is a big fat zero.  So that whole nice big snack only set me back by ONE.


It was kid-approved, too! Happy snacking!

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