Adventures in Lawyering

Fresh from my adventure to Ah-hi-yah (Ohio, for you people not living in Ah-hi-yah), today I ventured deep into Pennsylvania’s heartland, for a 10 minute meeting in Harrisburg.  To be fair, once I got to Hbg, I spent about 30 minutes waiting for that meeting, so that gave me about 40 minutes in the fine capital of our Commonwealth, for my 7 hours of driving.  Sometimes being a lawyer is like that.

I did snap a pic of our lovely Capitol building.  This was my first trip to Harrisburg, so seeing something new was exciting.

On Friday, my lawyer friends and I showed what upstanding, responsible jurists we are with a ridiculously FUN scavenger hunt around downtown Pittsburgh, sponsored by the bar association’s Young Lawyers Division.

We found a slide in Station Square!

Owling on a bus bench.

Checking out the arcade!

I am writing this post while watching the finale of RuPaul’s drag race! YAY SHARON NEEEDLES! PITTSBURGH REPRESENT!

Can this post be any more miscellaneous?

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